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STC For AOK Portable Water Filter Bottle

STC For AOK Portable Water Filter Bottle
AOK Portable Alkaline Ionizer get the STC test by The Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Ltd.(STC is the only CB laboratory in Hong Kong under the National Certification 

Body of China , for your reference)

The test proved AOK Portable Alkaline Ionizer more advantages:

1. Our AOK Portable Alkaline Ionizer tested Extractable Heavy Metal of the submitted sample were found complied respecitve reuirements for the testd items as steated in the German Food & Feed Acts LFGB and Regulation(EC)No.1935/2004(Material in contact with food regulation).

2. Our AOK Portable Alkaline Ionizer water passed the World Health Organization(WHO) Guidelines for Drinking water Quality.

3. PH of the Portable Alkaline Ionizer water turned alkaline when compring to the original tap water.

4. Our Portable Alkaline Ionizer water will increased the Maganesium content, the test report: Magnesium content of the treated tap water increased from 2.1mg/L to 4.7mg/L
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