Water Ionizer

AOK water ionizer can effectively solve the health risks which caused by water pollution and bring us the micro-mineral water conveniently at home.

Feature of Water Ionizer

(1) Convert regular tap water into alkaline and ionized water.
(2) Create alkaline water pH 8.5~9.5 and Low negative ORP.
(3) Remove the bacteria, chlorine and other harmful substances.
(4)  Small water molecules which is easier absorb by our body.

Description of Water Ionizer

Great tasting and thirst quenching – the number 1 reason why people don’t drink as much water as they should is because of tap water’s bad taste and bloating effect
Able to reduce and remove a much broader range of contaminants than standard carbon home filters including bacteria, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides and heavy metals commonly found in tap water.

Able to detox your body and support an organic, natural lifestyle everyday – micro clustered water molecules that are infused with hydrogen gas (ie molecular hydrogen) can penetrate deep into your cells and flush out toxins from your system.

With multiple essential minerals in the water for easy absorption to support typical diet deficiencies in Australia including magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, selenium, silica, manganese and chromium; for mineral test results, take a look at the comparative test table on the replacement filter page.

A range of specially formulated filter options becoming available designed to meet the needs of your major health conditions.

Alkaline water that can be adjusted from 8 to 10pH depending on your needs to neutralise excess acidity in the body that is a breeding ground for degenerative diseases. Natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory – infused with hydrogen gas which helps stimulate the body's own immunity and healing system.

Removes the need for plastic bottled water as your AOK water can be stored in your own reusable bottle and maintain its purity and health giving properties for up to 24 hours. Convenient and easy to install and operate straight from your kitchen tap or undersink with the addition of the MinWell+ undersink kit – no need for plumbers.

Value for money at less than 5c/litre operating cost – at the typical recommended intake of 2 litres/day, that's less than 10c/day for your daily detox and health treatment
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