Water Filter Pitcher

The AOK alkaline water pitcher filter holds enough water to satisfy the demands of your whole family's daily needs. The 6-stage ion exchange carbon BPA-free filter delivers great alkaline water and simultaneously reduces chlorine taste and odor, zinc, copper, and iron, all often found in tap water.
It's Simple

There are only 4 pieces: lid, reservoir, filter and the pitcher itself.

The lid has a built in top-side digital timer. Set the time and it counts down to remind you to replace the filter, which should last 2-3 months with normal use and delivers up to 70-75 gallons of pure clean healthy great tasting water.

The newly designed filter is screwed into the bottom of the reservoir. This removes any chance of tap water water leaking around the filter and  into your purified water.
The 6-stage ion exchange carbon based media is engineering to be simple. Flush the filter through to start and enjoy pure, clean, fresh, healthy water the same day.
All parts are easy to clean.

Designed with You in Mind
  • Practical design to easily fit into the side door of your fridge. Easy to get to and out of the way.
  • Large 10 cup capacity plus one of the longest lasting filters available provide unmatched convenience for today's busy family.
  • 70 Gallons of pure clean great tasting water - that's 50% more capacity than comparable water pitcher filters.
  • Electronic filter replacement indicator so you don't have to guess or mark your calendar or count cups.
  • Large soft grip for easy handling and pouring.
  • See through sides so you can see when to refill... no more running out of clean water.
  • New locking filter design seals off the source water from your pure water... unlike others with drop in filters.
  • Removable lid for easy refills, flip top spout for easy pouring.
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