Water Filter Dispenser

AOK  Water Filter System removes common drinking water contaminants, replenishes natural minerals, balances the pH to a healthy alkaline level, and produces great tasting natural spring water quality.

AOK Ultra Filtration Drinking Water System is a green alternative to traditional water filter systems that have waste water byproduct, and is direct-flow so there is an endless supply of healthy great tasting water that is purified on-demand.

Quick-change filter replacements—each individually contained filter just twists into place with no mess!

What is in the filters Excellent 3-stage filtration system to convert the regular tap water into alkaline ionized water, including the filters: Ultra-filtration Membrane, Activated Alumina+Ion exchange resin & FIR Energy Beads+ Mineralization ball

Main Function of Water Filter System
  • Low negative ORP,strong and measurable antioxidant potential
  • Weak alkaline between 7.5-9.5, improve your systemic acid/alkaline balance, enhance immunity and creates better health.
  • Provide an abundance of negative ions and natural far infrared ionization, make the body to be more energetic, more dynamic, more spirit and not easily tired.
  • Create the refreshing, great-tasting drinking water
  • Abundant small water molecules and negative ions and natural far infrared ionization

AOK Alkaline Ionizer is a mineral alkaline water ionizer, which can convert the regular tap water into alkaline and ionized water by the excellent filter system. Not only with PH & ORP, but also remove the fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals out of the tap water.

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