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Shower Filter

Immerse yourself in our premier technology that revolutionizes your shower with filter. Get the ultimate spa experience with our spa-inspired water pressure that will leave you refreshed and your skin nourished. Once you try our shower filter, you will never look at showering the same again!

Function of Shower Filter

  1. Create a healthier showering environment
  2. Reduce up to 99% of chlorine as well as other heavy metals such as water soluble lead, mercury, nickel chromium and copper
  3. Protect against the aging and damaging effects of chlorine and heavy metals
  4. Restore natural softness to hair, scalp and skin
  5. May help reduce eczema and asthma
  6. Remove odours and improve water clarity
  7. Prohibit growth of bacteria, fungi and algae
  8. Reduce soap scum and calcium build up on shower glass and tiles
  9. Quick and easy to install (no plumber needed), attaches to existing shower head
  10. Filter life of 3 months (1~3 person) – simple to change by the replacement of cartridge

Filter media:
  1. KDF: removing 98% of heavy metals and most chlorine.
  2. Calcium sulfite: highly effective remove chlorine.
  3. Mineral energy balls: emit far-infrared energy and increase active minerals, softer and energize shower filter.

Benefits of AOK Spa Shower Filter

  • Remove chlorine and heavy metal instantly
  • softer, silkier, more manageable hair;
  • reduction in dry, frizzy, or brittle hair;
  • less itching and flaking of skin and scalp;
  • less irritation to the eyes;
  • smoother, supple, younger looking skin.
  • soaps and shampoos with a richer lather;
  • protects expensive hair colors.

▶ We suggest you change the filter once 3 according to the different water quality.
▶ We have done a series of product researches before selling this product. It’s very easy to have deposits in the Shower Head resulting from the use of hard water quality.
- Don’t worry you just need to take shower head down and wipe it with a cloth. According to it, you can solve the problems.
▶ Shower head wall holder is not included. Filter Your Water Now! Click ‘Add to Cart’ to Enjoy Luxurious Spa Experience.
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