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AOK 909 Hydrogen Water Filter Ionizer

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    AOK 909 Alkaline Water Ionizer

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AOK 909 Hydrogen Water Filter Ionizer Review

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No Electronic, Alkaline Mineral water Ionizer, excellent 8 layers alkaline water filter system
  • 1st Layer: Remove the mud, particles and pathogens effectively
  • 2nd Layer: Adjusts the Calcium and Magnesium content to soften water for better taste, avoid calculus.
  • 3rd Layer: Offer Zinc and remove heavy metals, chlorine, halide and other harmful substances in water.
  • 4th Layer: Adsorbing chlorine, odors and colors, improving taste and inhibiting the reproduction of microorganisms.
  • 5th Layer: Promoting the beneficial microorganisms, producing regulatory factors, enhancing the metabolism.
  • 6th Layer: Activate & energy water to break water molecules into small molecule clusters for optimal cell absorption. Adjust body microcirculation, skin pore expansion and make the skin better, absorb the nutrition, detoxify and increase metabolism
  • 7th Layer: Adsorbing chlorine, odors and colors, improving taste and inhibiting the reproduction of microorganisms
  • 8th Layer: The small molecules of water through the strong magnetic magnetization, becomes more stable and orderly arrangement and with memory function.
AOK 909 Hydrogen Water Filter Ionizer

What is the advantages of alkaline water filter/ionizer machine?
  • Reduce health-care and supplement costs.
  • Reduce sick days and time off school/work.
  • Concentrated health-supporting Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium on tap
  • Unlimited supply of antioxidants
  • No more plastic bottles.
  • Easily installed in your own home
  • Proven over thirty years and thousands of users
  • Excellent filtration – 8 layer alkaline water filter system, make your water refreshing, clean, health and energy.
  • AOK alkaline water ionizer,not just a alkaline water filter,but a healthy life style!
AOK Alkaline Water Ionizer

Seven summary of your Water Ionizer/Alkaline Water Ionizer
  1. Your ionized alkaline water filter can purify the tap water, remove the bacteria, eliminate the chlorine and other harmful substances. The refreshing water could help to clean the fruit, vegetables and used for cooking.
  2. Creates the refreshing, great-tasting drinking water, which makes your coffee and tea more Aromatic.
  3. Low negative ORP, typically reducing the Oxygen Reduction Potential by at least 200mv, giving it strong and measurable antioxidant potential, which could anti-aging, make you younger.
  4. Small water molecules create very absorbable water and eliminate the redundant greases in your body, which could remove fat to keep fit and prevent the high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other diseases if drink for a long time.
  5. This alkalizer also low alkaline between 7.5-9.5, improve your systemic acid/alkaline balance, enhance immunity and creates better health.
  6. Provide an abundance of negative ions and natural far infrared ionization, make the body to be more energetic, more dynamic, more spirit and not easily tired.
  7. The Filter Cartridge should to be replaced after about 5,000 liters of water or 6 months of usage.

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