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AOK-180 Alkaline Water Clean Dispenser

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AOK-180 Alkaline Water Clean Dispenser Review

AOK-180 Alkaline Water Clean Dispenser Machine with 10 Stage Water Purifier System works seamlessly to recreate Nature's amazing process of purifying, mineralizing, and alkalizing water. 

Products Specification

Materials: ABS,AS
Filter: Coconut shell activated carbon
Ceramic: A Ceramic
Tap: Ordinary tap with nuts
Capacity: 18L
Color box: 28.5*28.5*52.5
Outer carton: 59*30*54.5
Weight: G.W4.2KG, N.W3.7KG
Total Weight:G.W8.8KG,N.W7.4KG

How it Works
1. Ceramic filter: 0.2 microns provides the first line of defense as it traps contaminants, bacteria, and spores from entering the system
2. Post-filter PP Cotton: Further filters sand, rust, suspended solids and other small particulate matters.
3. Nylon Mesh: Intercepts larger particles
4. Far-infrared Mineralized Ball: Remineralizes tap water with more than 20 trace elements including zinc, calcium, and potassium.
5. Negative potential particles: Creating the good pH 8.5-9.5 and ORP - 200mv, Also offer the small water molecule to make the water absorbed and emulsify the oil in body to balance weight 
6. Alkaline Mineral Balls: Effectively raises alkaline levels of regular tap water to +9.5.
7. Quality Activated Carbon: Absorbs chlorine odor, heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides.
8. Medical Stone: Increase the healthy human needs active minerals and inhibit bacteria.
9. Tourmaline: It can release negative ions for a long time and activate the activity of biological macromolecules.
10. KDF: Removing 98% of chlorine and most heavy metals.

AOK Alkaline Water Clean Dispenser Machine Features:

Ceramic filter fated at 0.2-0.9 microns provides the first line of defense as it traps contaminants, bacteria and spores from entering the system

Our proprietary  lon - infused Ceramic Disc ionizes water as it passes through . Ionization breaks tap water molecules from 12-14 down to 4-6 molecules

In addition to our energy-infused ceramic disc, we've added natural, minerals with bio-energy properties such as Tourmaline and Far-infrared producing healthy bio-energized water.

The top chamber contains health giving minerals such as Tourmaline, Far-Infrared and Zeolite . When water passes through, it absorbs the myriad of health giving minerals contained within these three natural earth minerals

Among other minerals, the bottom chamber contains our proprietary natural mineral to increase the alkalinity level in your tap water created from natural sources have been known to yield various health benefits

Another proprietary mineral in the bottom chamber is specifically used to naturally in crease the level of Oxidation Reduction Potential(ORP)in water which is also known to be beneficial when consumed

Organic Coconut Fiber Carbon infused with Colloidal Silver provides the last water purification process in the bottom chamber before water flows out to the storage thak and consumed . Carbon is widely used worldwide to purify water and Colloidal Silver is a known and effective antiseptic

PH 9.0 and ORP -200mv
96% REDUCTION of harmful contaminants including lead, mercury, asbestos, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chlorine and chloramines. 
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