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AOK 108A ORP Antioxidant Water Pitcher

3.5L ORP Antioxidant Water Pitcher
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AOK 108A ORP Antioxidant Water Pitcher Review

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AOK 108A ORP Antioxidant Water Pitcher turns ordinary water into alkaline and ionized water. Many common wellness issues which are created by an acid/alkaline imbalance can be helped by regular consumption of the alkaline and ionized water.

AOK 108A Alkaline Water Jug
The streamlined contemporary design is perfect for households and office. The contoured handle makes it comfortable to lift and pour.
1. Capacity of pitcher: 3.5L, filtration capacity: 2L
2. Body material: AS
3. Lid, cover, handle material: ABS
4. Cartridge housing material: PP 5. Filter materials: Active Carbon, Ion Exchange Resin, Negative Potential Particles

Enjoy mineralized, alkaline water at home with your AOK Alkaline Water Pitcher. This convenient, hand-held pitcher fits in the door of your refrigerator, and restores your tap water to its natural, alkaline, mineral-rich state. The AOK Alkaline Pitcher is as good an investment for your wallet as it is for your body - not only helping to maintain your body's healthy pH balance, it will save you the money you would have spent on expensive mineral water or bottled water in stores.

It's a great choice for the environment too; one pitcher eliminates over 8,300 single-use plastic bottles every year! Recreating nature's filtration system, AOK adds calcium, magnesium and other beneficial minerals to your water while filtering chlorine, heavy metals, industrial chemicals and agricultural contaminants. This process also reduces taste and odor in your tap water.

AOK 108A Alkaline Water pitcher

Advantages of the AOK 108A ORP Antioxidant Water Pitcher
  • Creates a silky-smooth and sweet tasting water.
  • Helps filter out chlorine and other contaminants and permanently absorbs metals such as lead and copper, so your drinking water will be more refreshing and clear.
  • pH 8.5-10.0 which help to support systemic pH balance in the body, you body will function optimally.
  • Provides low negative ORP: -100mv to -200mv, transforming regular water into antioxidant water, which reduce the oxidation of your body, you will be more youthy.
  • Reduces water molecule size, which create a very absorbable water.
  • Contains alkalising minerals to make water more energy, you will feel vigorous drinking this energy water.

  • How to take good care of the Alkamode and the filter?
    When not in use, store your Alkamode in a cool dry place. The removable filter is a replacement part and also needs to be stored separately when not in regular use(it can be stored in the refrigerator). After some time used, there may be a mineral or scale build-up on the wall of the bottle which shows as a white film. This is nothing to be concerned about and it can be removed by using a little white vinegar or lemon juice. To extend the life of your replacement filter, soak in white vinegar for 5 minutes every 3 months and dry in sunlight.
  • Why the PH is higher before the activation?
    1. When filter contact with water for the first time, the decompose is very faster, and form the oxide layer at the surface. The decomposition rate will be relatively slow in future, so the PH is higher before the activation.

    2. Activate the filter, the real meaning is cleaning the filter, because the filter will have a variety of materials in the dust and the stainless steel bottle are also elements within the solution, so we use hot water activation.
  • How do I know the water is helping if I don't see results?
    Because of the antioxidant benefit. It will help rebuild your immune system. You'll have a better chance of seeing physical results if you commit to drinking 8-10 glasses EVERY DAY. This will help cleanse your system daily.
  • How often and how much to drink the Alkaline water from AOK Alkamode?
    You can drink our Alkamode alkaline water every day, and we suggest 8 bottles/day.
  • Is there anyone who should not drink Ionized Water?
    No. However, some people must start by drinking very small amounts of Ionized Water, such as 8 oz. of low pH level ionized water per day. This is especially true of the elderly who often have unfortunately allowed heavy metals and other toxins to accumulate in their bodies. Sometimes years of medication has accumulated in them. Toxins and heavy metals that have accumulated in people over decades can lead to diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Loewy Body Dementia and a host of other mental disorders and psychiatric diseases.

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