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AOK 106 Water Filter Fridge Jug

2.5L Water Filter Fridge Jug

AOK 106 Water Filter Fridge Jug Review

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AOK 106 Water Filter Fridge Jug turns ordinary water into alkaline and ionized water. Many common wellness issues which are created by an acid/alkaline imbalance can be helped by regular consumption of the alkaline and ionized water. Alkaline Water Pitcher filter gives the user alkaline water benefits. It acts as an alkaline water ionizer for your tap water turning it into mineral rich health promoting water which is alkaline in pH and has antioxidant properties.

AOK 106 AOK Alkaline Pitcher

Some reasons the AOK alkaline pitcher stands out include
  • Ease of use - comes with 1 filter included and ready to use after a short conditioning period
  • Long-lasting filters – each produces 1,250 8oz glasses – DOUBLE the amount of most other filters on the market
  • A Countdown indicator to remind you when it's time to change the filter
  • A high capacity water tank with an easy-to-fill lid
  • A perfect shape for storing in the door of your refrigerator
  • Filter Life: 1250 eight-ounce glasses; 80 gallons (300 L) - around every 2-3 months
  • Just like bigger ionizers, you’ll enjoy high pH, negative ORP and super hydrating properties.
  • Now available anywhere you want it.
  • The streamlined contemporary design is perfect for households and office.
  • The contoured handle makes it comfortable to lift and pour.
  • Capacity of pitcher: 2.5L, filtration capacity: 1.5L
  • Body material: AS
  • Lid, cover, handle material: ABS
  • Cartridge housing material: PP
  • With a digital indicator which can remind you to replace the cartridge in time based on the drinking people number.
  • AOK alkaline water filter pitcher Small size for your refrigerator , Chlorine removal!
AOK alkaline water filter pitcher 2.5l

Enjoy mineralized, alkaline water at home with your AOK Alkaline Water Pitcher. This convenient, hand-held pitcher fits in the door of your refrigerator, and restores your tap water to its natural, alkaline, mineral-rich state. The AOK Alkaline Pitcher is as good an investment for your wallet as it is for your body - not only helping to maintain your body's healthy pH balance, it will save you the money you would have spent on expensive mineral water or bottled water in stores. It's a great choice for the environment too; one pitcher eliminates over 8,300 single-use plastic bottles every year! Recreating nature's filtration system, AOK adds calcium, magnesium and other beneficial minerals to your water while filtering chlorine, heavy metals, industrial chemicals and agricultural contaminants. This process also reduces taste and odor in your tap water.

  • What is the alkaline ion water?
    Simply speaking, reduction refers to getting and losing electrons. In case that water is reduced, it is classified as alkaline water and acidic water. That is, this refers to increasing and decreasing of pH (hydrogen ion indicator: hydrogen quantity in the water) in the water. Alkaline water refers to the water abundant with hydrogen ions.

    Alkaline ion water refers to the water activated on the negative (-) side in the electrolysis of the distilled water through high efficient filters. Such water has so abundant with various minerals and reductive capacity that even academy recommends of drinking it for health for a long time.

    alkaline ion water
  • Can I store the water? For how long?
    Don't keep the water in bottle over night, don't drink the overnight water. Due to the special technology and patent right, the energy from this product stronger than conventional bottle 6 times.
  • Who should drink it?
    Any one and everyone, young and old, human or animal. It is beneficial to some degree to nearly everyone and everything it comes in contact with.
  • Can I cook with alkaline ionized water?
    Yes, in fact your food will taste better and your body will assimilate the nutrients more readily. You will notice the difference especially at the most alkaline settings (higher pH): your greens will be greener, rice fluffier, tea and coffee tastier.
  • Isn't the bottle a general water purifier? Does it can make clear water from dirty water?
    It is not a general water purifier, can't make clear water from dirty water, the water poured into Alkamode must be the drinking water. Our AOK Portable Alkaline Ionizer filter adopts Tourmaline, zeolite, Maifanshi stone etc 13 kinds of mines, which are Match strictly and turn the normal drinking water into alkaline and ionized water. 

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