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AOK 0803B Countertop Water Filter Dispenser

AOK-0803B Floor standing, Office/Home Style

AOK 0803B Countertop Water Filter Dispenser Review

Replacement Water Filters

Many animal studies have proven that hydrogen-rich substances greatly improve the prospects of sufferers of heart failure and heart attacks. Of course, you might be deemed mad if you insist that your alkaline filter jug be brought to the emergency room after a heart attack, but scientists have also proven that hydrogen-rich substances (primarily hydrogen saline) can prevent cardiovascular damage caused by oxidative stress and/or inflammation, even after serious cardiac events.

Features of AOK 0803B Countertop Water Filter Dispenser
  1. Low negative ORP, strong and measurable antioxidant potential
  2. Weak alkaline between7.5-9.5
  3. Superb filtration, effectively remove the bacteria, chlorine, fluoride and other harmful substances.
  4. Creates the refreshing, great-tasting drinking water
  5. Abundant small water molecules and negative ions and natural far infrared ionization
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7 Ways Alkaline Water helps you Stay Healthy
  • Weight Loss: Drink alkaline water
  • Detoxification: Filter out toxic metals
  • pH Balance: Fight metabolic syndrome
  • Bone Health: Help tackle bone loss
  • Hydration: Tastes better - sweeter
  • Heart Health: Best source of magnesium
  • Energy/Endurance: Fights off lactic acid
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