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AOK Water Ionizer Distributor Andrew from USA

In early 2010, I came into contact with water purification equipment industry, I feel very confident about the future development of this industry , So I was looking for a manufacturer to make the agent. I have worked with three manufacturers, However there are always have some problems, quality problems, service issues and so on.

There is a chance to know AOK Water Filter in July 2012 , after a friend introduced meMAYU Company, to know very well about the water purification equipment manufacturers - AOK . Through various visits and tests, AOK Water Filter is the manufacturer I'm looking for.

AOK water filter in the country is not the largest nor the most well-known, but it has a long history  of professional water purification equipment manufacturer.
The AOK product line is complete, the quality is very stable, has a professional management and production system, the pricing is reasonable, service is good, more importantly,AOK 's market operation mechanism makes me feel admire, I start to business very practical.

Acting now to find manufacturers is not like to go to the mall to buy something, you are looking for a partner in business, as a life partner, and work with AOK is very pleased, practical.
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  • ADDRESS:2106A, East Tower, Great China International Exchange Square, Futian District, Shenzhen