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AOK Water Filter System Distributor Felix from Latvia

This is Alex from Latvia, our company focus on alkaline water filter products as we know alkaline water is best and healthy for human body.
When we decide to introduce alkaline water pitcher into our product list and buy in many samples for testing. AOK pitcher is among them, seems that they have long history and quite good service. Pictures of the order, DHL tracking number, follow-up phone calls, etc. Very considerate, quick, and nice.
When we got the testing result, AOK pitcher wins, the pH raises by 2, and ORP reduced by about 350mv, excellent! And with its fashion look and well designed box and fryer staff. Convenient for marketing and selling. Exactly what we want.
Then we try 500pcs for distribute testing. Turns that they are very professional. One-stop service, actually I just make the payment, and they keep me informed of details and arrange everything. Ha Ha.
Oh yes, we do have a little problem, when the goods arrives, a few of the package are break, and their response is: how many units in total? And they research reasons and explain in detail, and promise free make-up in the next order.
Totally, AOK is very nice and professional to cooperate with. 

  • TEL:0086-0755-26658731
  • ADDRESS:2106A, East Tower, Great China International Exchange Square, Futian District, Shenzhen