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Why acid electrolytic water can be used for beauty?

Healthy skin is weakly alkaline, covering a thin membrane on the surface. Membrane, this substance is composed of lipid secreted by sebaceous glands and sweat secreted by sweat gland. It’s also a natural emulsion with weak acid. Its function is to prevent the stimulation of external skin and moisture evaporation, protect the skin’s moist surface, at the same time with the function of neutralizing alkaline substances. If the balance is destroyed, the water on the surface of the skin will lose, resulting in  a series of problems, such as the loss of defense ability of the skin, the decline of   elasticity, becoming rough. Especially when people use soap to wash away the lipid from the skin, these problems will become more obvious. Therefore, in order to maintain the health of the skin and remain alkaline in the skin, people like using wash water (make-up water, shrink water) whose pH value similar to the skin with weak acid.
Acidic electrolytic water whose small molecules have strong penetration, dissolution and  strong physical activity is acidic. It contain lots of elemental oxygen, which has a strong sterilization effect and strong oxidation and convergence effect. it plays a unique role in skin sterilization, disinfection, beauty, wrinkle, whitening and moisturizing and eliminate skin’s residue.
From the view of the whole body, the quality of human skin depends on the skin care and the cleanliness of the body. The former accounts for 10% and the later accounts for 90%. Poor cleanliness is ineffective. Appearance of skin aging, including spots, pigmentation, small wrinkles is because the body produce the oxidation. Therefore,   usually drinking electrolytic reduction water to remove the body of pollution is the most economical and convenient way for skin care and keeping beauty.
How to become beauty by using acidic electrolytic water ?
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "beautify skin at night"". Modern medical research shows that the activities of human skin renewal and basal cell division take place from 10 pm to 3 am. During this period, the pores open, thus the skin absorption function is in the best state. Therefore, this period is the best time to improve the quality of the skin.
Through using electrolytic water to wet your face after 10 pm, your basal facial cells are activated because the electrolytic water is rapidly penetrated and absorbed by skin. It also has the function of nourishing the skin, improving skin microcirculation, accelerating the synthesis of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, thereby enhancing skin elasticity, optimizing physical environment around cells and restraining the pigment synthesis. Finally, the skin will be soft and smooth, at the same time, the problems like wrinkle, freckle and skin aging will disappear gradually.
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