What Should People Drink to Keep Beautiful And Healthy?

People's body fluid is alkalescent while their skin is acidulous. The PH value of men skin is about 5.5 while the PH value of women is about 5.0. The reason for acidulous skin of people is preventing the invasion of germ.

Drink one cup of reductive water when you get up without eating. Every morning after getting up, drink a cup of reductive water to activate the body circulatory system, that is the first cup of water for moisturizing plan (drink eight cups of water everyday).

Wash face with acid water and moisturizing

Use acid water whose temperature is close to your body temperature and soft facial cleanser to wash face, so that prevent stimulating the sensitive skin in spring. Pay attention to washing the facial cleanser cleanly and then use acid water to flap face gently, on the one hand, it can build up resistance, on the other hand, it can replace toner for avoiding the stimulation to the render skin.

The second reductive water

Drink the second reductive water after getting to office, if your face has spots or turn dark yellow easily, please avoid drinking tea, coffee or other colored drink. For lunch, there should be some nutritious food like beans, fish and fresh vegetables. An apple after finishing you lunch can provide many kinds of vitamins for skin to keep white, healthy and stretchy.

The third cup of reductive water

The air at one o'clock in the afternoon is the driest in a day, so in order to supply moisture for skin in time, you should drink a cup of reductive water and bring acid water with you , then spray it on your bare skin.

The fourth reductive water

Drink the fourth reductive water at two o'clock in the afternoon, drink the fifth reductive water at four, drink the sixth reductive water before leaving your work and then drink the seventh reductive water before dinner, all of these not only supply moisture but also attenuate gastric juice and make you feel full, so it is good for you to lose weight. Drink the eighth reductive water half two hours before going to bed, at last, go to bed after going to the toilet, if you do this , you will not get edema with your eyes and pouch when you get up next morning.

Clean face when you get off work and wash face with acid water before going to bed

The first thing when you get home is clean you face with acid water thoroughly. And when you finishing washing face, you should use moist emulsion to moisten skin. Wash your face with acid water again before sleeping, because if you often use acid water to clean face in summer, you will not worry about feeling uncomfortable with cosmetics because of hot weather.

Reductive water is more necessary when you stay up, besides, don't forget drink reductive water when you stay up .

Acid reductive water also called acid water or whitening essence. The PH value of acidulous water is between four and six, so you use it to wash face and hands, it can protect the PH value of your skin from hurting, it also can tighten skin, increase elasticity and beautify the skin. If you use it for a long time, it can decrease cortical pigment to whiten skin. What's more, it can bleach clothes and make them stay away from static.

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