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What Kind of Water Should Babies Drink to Be Healthy

Now the most common water for family is plain boiled water, purified water, alkaline mineral water, clean water and so on, which one is the most suitable for babies?

According to the latest research, babies are more strict in water than adults, their ideal drink should have the following conditions:

1. No physical and chemical substance and biological pollution that influences heath, no harmful bacteria.

2. With moderate mineral substance that is healthy and absorbable for babies.

3. Small water group and strong dissolving capacity and seepage force

4. The quality of water is soft, it also should has good heat-conducting property and conductivity.

5. There is dissolved oxygen in water.

6. It can eliminate acid metabolic substance and various harmful substance inside rapidly and effectively.

7. No bacteria, it can be drunk without boiling.

8. Taste mild and attract babies.

There are some clear differences between these kinds of water by measuring above-mentioned water according to these standards

Plain boiled water--Little helpful calcium and magnesium, soft water , much harmful aluminium ion, it is not good for the growth of their skeleton and nerve

Alkaline mineral water--The growth of babies' kidney and other organs is incomplete, their adjustment and filtration is worse that adults, many metallic elements in alkaline mineral water will increase burden to kidney, it is also easy to damage the balance of original microelement when brewing milk powder.

Purified water--Although it eliminates the impurity from water by activated carbon and purified thin film, in the process , it uses too much industrial material which is harmful for babies' liver function.

Barrelled water--How about barrelled water? Barrelled water is used repeatedly, because it can't be used in two days so that there will be more bacteria, it will harmful for babies' gastrointestinal function.

Brine electrolysis--water after purifying by water purifier and then eliminate harmful substance by brine electrolysis machine, water will be shown as a small group and it can be taken in easily. At the same time, brine electrolysis has various microelement that babies need, such as calcium, iron and zinc, so that it promotes growth of babies.

Althoufh every kind water has their disadvantages, just don't let babies drink one kind of water for a long time . In the situation of no drink water only for kids, we should use them in alternation to draw on advantages and avoid disadvantages.

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