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What are the more reliable brands of water-lonizer

Nowadays, water is polluted seriously, but people still has high requirements in water quality. Therefore, they often choose to buy water-lonizer to provide their families with healthy water. There are so many brands of water-lonizer and we will have some difficulties when selecting. As we all know, we should not only care about quality when we choose a good brand. As a result, what realible brands does water-lonizer have? Let's see it together.

What brands does water-Ionizer have? - What is water-Ionizer?

Electrolysis of water-Ionizer is based on the "electro" and "electrolysis" principle, using titanium gold (Platinum) material or other alloyed materials, as the cell plate during configuration Ceramic Ion-Exchange separation and membrane dialysis machines. Water Ionizer electrolysis cell structure and material, even to the pipeline watercourse (water source) electrolysis mode, unlike traditional batteries with electrolytic water experiment (hydrogen and oxygen). Also known as electrolysis water making machines, lon generator, the whole water machine.

What brands does water-Ionizer have? - Water-Ionizer brand ranking

1、Yijian. Guangzhou Yi Jian electric appliance co, Ltd by the finest international (Hong Kong) trading limited company was established in 2007 to invest in high-tech industries, is a research and development, production, sales and service in one of the specialized water treatment equipment and health care products high-tech enterprises.

2、3M, which is known for innovation of the world's top 500 enterprises , has a strong liquid core technology platform and the liquid line for more than 90 years experience, is the world's only business across industrial, medical, food and beverage and liquid filtration in drinking water industry companies.

3、Aihui Pu. Aihui Pu  is one of brands of the world's largest sea water company Binte Er which has professional water treatment . It is also the Association member units of the United States.

4、Britain's Dalton. Dalton belongs to British brands. Originated from 200 years ago in Linbo county, from a small plant in the Thames River and has developmented so far. Now, Royal Dalton, has become the world's most trusted brands.

5、Midea. Midea as home appliance giant, entered the Water Ionizer market because of its advantage of large-scale production, produced by electrolysis of water costs are lower, the price is not expensive.

This is to introduce Water-Ionizer for several brands for everyone to understand. If you want to buy water-Ionizer, you can think about these brands, these brands are well-known brands, and good after-sales service, and reputation in the market is good.  Our Recommendations in buying a water-Ionizer machine is dominated by these brands, so that the water quality can be guaranteed.

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