To Understand the Nutritional and Health Effects of Functional Water

Water is the source of life, the foundation of health. It is (good) water for people to live long. With the progress of science, people have become more and more aware of the importance of drinking water for human health. Due to the secondary pollution of heavy metal ions and escherichia coli in the process of delivery, pressure and storage, the tap water should not be drunk directly. Traditional boiling water can only kill bacteria in the water, but can not remove the impurities and the dead bacteria from the water. After drinking it, it will still have a bad effect on the body. As a result, a large variety of bottled water come from the market. However, the secondary pollution after the water is opened, the pure water and distilled water contain little or no mineral substance and so on, which brings a lot of confusion to people. In recent years, experts at the "clean water and health" seminar in Shanghai have come up with the same idea: "Drinking pure water for a long time will have irreversible negative effects on the health of children and the elderly". Medical experts also advised Shanghai's 300,000 users: drinking pure water is harmful to a generation's health. At the same time, people began to study and develop the function of drinking water. Such as magnetized water, rice and stone water, activated water, ionized water and electrolyte water, etc.

Functional water is health care water

In recent years, more and more people have realized the importance of daily drinking to human health, so the application of "functional water" in the drinking water market has also increased.However, people's understanding of functional drinking water is not unified. One person said: electrolysis water is not only the general drinking water, but also the health water, and also the medical water; It is also noted that electrolytic water must be drunk under the guidance of a doctor. So what exactly is "functional water"? What's the difference between regular drinking water and "functional water"?

The term "functional drinking water" means that ordinary drinking water is handled by proper chemical or physical methods to change the nature and function of water. Thus, the life activity and physiological function regulation of human body are enhanced to some extent, which is called "functional water". According to a large number of experimental studies, professor Jin, a doctoral supervisor at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, said that functional water must meet the following conditions:

(1) low hydrogen content in water;
(2) there are many elements that are beneficial to the health of life.
(3) functional water should be high-energy active water;
(4) functional water should have health care function.

Of course, functional water must meet the WHO's six criteria for healthy drinking water:

(1) the water contains no bacteria, impurities, organic materials, heavy metals, etc.;
(2) the water contains a proper proportion of minerals and trace elements, and is in an ion state, suitable for human absorption;
(3) the PH value is weakly alkaline;
(4) small molecular group water, strong permeability and good solubility;
(5) negative potential can eliminate excess "free radicals" in the body;
(6) contain a moderate amount of oxygen (about 5 mg/L).

Therefore, "functional water" means safe and non-toxic, which can meet the basic physiological functions and metabolic needs of the human body, and it can promote healthy drinking water in the long term.

The secret of functional water is that its water molecules are small (5 ~ 7 water molecules) and less heavy hydrogen. And it contains a variety of elements that are beneficial to life and its water-bearing complexes. In common drinking water, the heavy hydrogen content is high, and the water molecules are large (10 ~ 13). However, the function water has less heavy hydrogen content and small group of water molecules, and its activity is large, the permeability is strong and the solubility is good, which is beneficial to the absorption, transportation and utilization of various nutrients. And it promotes the synthesis, replication and transcription of the human body from biochemical reactions and cellular DNA. Functional water contains a variety of elements (sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, chromium, etc.) and its water-bearing complexes, in the process of human biochemical reaction, catalytic activation is activated, some directly become the activation center of the enzyme, and some affect the synthesis and replication of DNA. So, some people call these elements "life catalytic activators." Life sciences research suggests that the health of the human body depends on whether the DNA sequence and the three-dimensional structure of the DNA of the nuclear genes remain normal. The research shows that functional water has high energy and multi-element water complex ion group, which can reorganize the DNA double helix structure and make the DNA structure more regular. It can further catalyze the activation of cells, accelerate cell division and proliferation, and regulate cell metabolism. In common drinking water, although there are many beneficial elements, the level is too low, after drinking it has little impact on health. Functional drinking water is fundamentally related to the continuous reorganization, replication, transcription and synthesis of DNA of human genetic gene carriers, which directly affect human health. That's why we advocate drinking functional water.

In addition, the PH value of functional water is weak and alkaline. Long-term drinking helps regulate the balance of acid and alkali in the human body and creates a good living environment for cell metabolism. The functional water band is negative and has a strong antioxidant effect. It is beneficial to remove excess free radical waste in human body, it can protect cell health and delay the aging of human body.

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