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Things about Hydrogen-Rich Water! (Two)

In addition to drinking, what are other uses of hydrogen-rich water?
Hydrogen-rich water can permeate the skin directly. The simple way is to use dry masks to dip hydrogen-rich water and then to put it on the face before or after drinking the water. Using in this way for a long time can have a great effect on antioxidation and cosmetology. For patients with chronic rhinitis, they can use hydrogen-rich water to wash nasal cavity. For patients with dry eye syndrome or cataract, they can wash their eyes with the water.
What is the effect of hydrogen on anti-inflammatory?
Keeping on drinking hydrogen-rich water for a long time can relieve the chronic inflammation of the body, and improve immunity, strengthen disease resistance with less cold or fever. Even if you have a cold or fever, the symptoms will be relieved. It can also relieve other chronic inflammation including tympanitis, gingivitis, chronic bronchitis, chronic pelvic inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis, etc..
What kind of people is suitable to drink hydrogen-rich water?
All people can drink the water as they like especially the white-collar with great pressure, people who are subhealthy, athletes, people who enjoy dressing up, pregnant women and those who are eager to have health care and be anti-aging.
What is the effect of hydrogen-rich water on regulation of metabolism? Can it be used to lose weight?
Drinking hydrogen-rich water can promote lipid metabolism, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar, so as to reduce the complications of hypertension and diabetes and alleviate the metabolic syndrome. The experiment proves that hydrogen can help lipid metabolism to have an impact on losing weight through promoting FGF21 cytokine secretion. Feedback from many users shows that they can lose 3 to 5 pounds weight a month when drinking 3 bottles of hydrogen-rich water a day.
What is the specific effect on regulating the blood pressure?
Many patients with high blood pressure have drunk hydrogen-rich water for three months whose blood pressure has lowered 20-30mmHg. If they stick to drinking the water over one year, the blood pressure can be regulated to the normal level and part of patients can stop taking medicine gradually. Some patients, whose blood pressure can not be controlled even with drugs in triple combinations, can regulate their blood pressure to the normal range when drinking hydrogen-rich water for half a year under the circumstances of same pharmacy.
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