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Things about Hydrogen-Rich Water! (one)

What is hydrogen-rich water?
What is hydrogen-rich water? Hydrogen-rich water is water that dissolves hydrogen. Generally, hydrogen can be dissolved in the water slightly. In the conditions of atmospheric pressure, the saturation concentration of hydrogen is 1.6ppm. Its solubility is a little lower than that of oxygen.
Is hydrogen safe for human body?
Hydrogen is a kind of endogenous gas. Anaerobes in the intestinal microflora metabolize to produce a large amount of hydrogen, and the gas that the human body exhales and excludes contains hydrogen. Therefore, hydrogen is very safe for human body.
How is hydrogen absorbed by human body?
Hydrogen, which is "hydrogen molecule", is the smallest molecule in the universe. It can go into any organ, tissue, cell including skin, mucous membrane, bone, and blood brain barrier,and cell structure such as mitochondria and nuclei through diffusion effect.
What is the benefit of hydrogen to human body?
The biological value of hydrogen is wide very much whose basic principle is that hydrogen removes harmful free radicals in the body by selective antioxidant function, including hydroxyl radicals and nitrous anions. Selective antioxidant function can be represented specifically as cosmetic anti-aging, anti inflammation, anti allergy, anti radiation, anti fatigue, anti cell variation, anti apoptosis, metabolic regulation, immunoregulation and tissue repair.
What are the reflections of body's oxidation?
Oxidation can be reflected as all the aspects of people's health, including the problems of skin, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems, immune diseases, malignant tumors and aging. Drinking hydrogen-rich water for a long time can improve complexion, the quality of skin, dilute colored patches and senile plaques, etc.. In Japan, fashionable female is the largest consumer group of hydrogen-rich water.
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