Things about Hydrogen-Rich Water! (Four)

What benefits will hydrogen-rich water bring to the pregnant women?
The radiation resistance of hydrogen can prevent fetus from being harmed by lonizing radiation. Anti-cell mutation can protect the normal development of the fetus. Immunomodulation can prevent pregnant women from catching cold and fever. Metabolic regulation can prevent gestational diabetes and hypertension. The function of tissue repairing can promote the postpartum recovery of women. In practical use, it is also found that drinking hydrogen-rich water can significantly reduce the pregnancy response.

Is there any clear evidence to support that hydrogen can be anti-aging?
A research in Japan finds that one hundred-year old people's production capacity for hydrogen is very strong, reaching 59.4 + 62.6 ppm, which is over three times at that of normal healthy people. Consequently, endogenous hydrogen protects the health of long lived old people and postpones and delays senility. Another experiment proves that the lifetime of nematode can be lengthened several times in the condition of hydrogen. Drinking hydrogen-rich water for a long time can raise the healthy level comprehensively, obviously improving subhealthy and preventing the chronic diseases. Being less sick  especially chronic diseases can definitely extend people's live span. Profession Ota has studied hydrogen and drunk hydrogen water for ten years. When you see him in ten years before and after, you can understand its magic function of anti-aging.

What's the experience of healthy people when they drink the hydrogen-rich water?
First of all, the most obvious and fastest experience is the effect of resisting fatigue. Secondly, drinking the hydrogen-rich water and using the hydrogen-rich water mask can improve the complexion apparently, dilute senile plaques and colored patches and resolve other skin problems. Thirdly, immunity is evidently improved so the time of having cold or fever will be significantly reduced, even if you have a cold, it is not so serious. Long-term drinking can prevent many kinds of diseases including chronic diseases. It can have a perfect effect on anti-aging if you drink it all the year around.
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