The water carcinogenic confusion in the market will become the industry mishap

As is known to all, the water pollution situation is very serious in our country, along with numerous water by industrial waste pollution of the impact of the news, as well as to the tap water in the pipeline transport may be the concerns of the secondary pollution, tap water from home have not many people dare to drink, water quality safety is always an important problem in people daily life. As the idea of drinking water continues to grow, more and more consumers are dumping olive branches into buckets of water or bottled water. Although the price of bottled water has increased year by year, more and more people are using it. After all, it is a convenient and efficient way to drink healthy water.

In some cities, the penetration rate of bottled water is even up to 60%. However, bottled water is not completely safe. On July 6, 2011, the Beijing municipal bureau of industry and commerce released a list of unqualified water brands, with 31 companies on the list, all citing excessive e. coli or excessive strain. One of them, the liquan brand, is up to 9,000 times the number of colonies.

A recent piece of news is another blow to the troubled market. General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine recently announced the result of the bottle (barrel) with drinking water quality spot checks, including six kinds of drinking water was detected to contain high concentrations of carcinogens bromate, Harbin pharmaceutical, and other famous enterprises production of "pure pure" in the weak alkaline water, "JingYou" desert in Inner Mongolia high quality water, made the shocking.

A wide variety of bottled water

Demand brings markets. The rapid development of the bottled water industry has attracted the attention of many investors. The domestic drinking water market is mixed, the entry threshold is too low, many companies are blind to invest in the construction, production of bottled water. More numerous illegal water works and plastic factories have emerged. The whole water industry market competition intensifies. In order to increase market share, many enterprises often invest a lot of money to advertise. What followed was a rising cost. Hence, the "price war", the "black bucket" "black water" flooding the market, the confusion of the flowers, the market chaos.

The reason for the enterprise itself is that there is no unified industry standard, which is also a major cause of market chaos. There are various kinds of bottled water in the market. They are all produced according to different national standards and enterprise standards. Before the national standards were out of place, there was a flurry of do-it-yourself standards everywhere. Taking "mountain spring" as an example, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi and Fujian all have their local standards, and Guangdong has followed the development of "landmarks". Different standards are easy to cause confusion, positioning and enterprise itself, when consumer is choosing products Also is very confused, illegal manufacturers is more easy to drill a loophole in the standard, disrupt the market.

In 2007, the National Standards Committee and the Ministry of Health jointly revised the sanitary standards for drinking water and 13 methods for sanitary inspection of drinking water. The implementation of all the items was determined in July 1, 2012. Unfortunately, the "new national standard" has been implemented for more than two years, and did not control bromate over standard. There is no control of enterprises to "good" quality".

The lack of supervision provides the soil for enterprises to make illegal production. At present, due to factors such as human and technical means, quality inspection departments at all levels have adopted irregular sampling methods for food supervision, and often leave a lot of nets. Moreover, the current sampling cost is high, the quality inspection agency is concerned, worry that the excessive number of spot checks will leave the impression that the enterprise is "hard to make hard".

Low entry barriers, corporate negligence, lack of industry standards and inadequate supervision have caused the industry to get into chaos, and market chaos has become a major obstacle to the development of the industry.

How to solve the problem of drinking water market? In addition to their own discipline, quality inspection, industry and commerce and other regulators will intensify supervision, strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of bottled drinking water production and management companies to visit to scrutinize, overhauling and banned some illegal production, sales, not qualified. Bottled drinking water production and management enterprises; News media, social organizations and the citizens should also through the public opinion supervision, detection, report and expose bottled drinking water production and management enterprises violations, illegal behavior, make the unqualified bottled drinking water out of production and management enterprises "door", not the "door" of consumers.

Sincerity is the way of heaven, and sincerity is the way of man.. Integrity is the fundamental development of a business and even an industry, and people who cheat and cut corners will be kicked out of the market.

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