The Structural Features of the Fridge Filter

Although the whole fridge filters system works in a dry vacuum, it is hard to avoid the existence of small amounts of water and impurities. This is mainly because, in the process of assembly, due to the influence of the assembly environment, improper assembly operation or incomplete cleaning of parts and components, air or some dust enters the refrigeration pipeline. The air contains certain moisture and impurities. According to the principle of refrigeration cycle, high temperature and high pressure superheated steam is discharged from the compressor exhaust port. After cooling through the condenser, it is required to enter the capillary for throttling and reducing pressure. Because the inner diameter of the capillary is small, if there is water and impurities in the system, it is easy to cause blockage, making the refrigerant unable to circulate. Once these impurities enter the compressor, they may aggravate the wear and tear on the piston, cylinder, bearing and other parts, and affect the performance and service life of the compressor. Therefore, a drying filter is needed between the condenser and the capillary. 
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