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The Relation between Water Electrolysis and Physical Illness about Acid Constitution

The constitution of the human body is divided by the PH value of bleed. The healthy value is between 7.35-7.45, this kind of people has strong resistance and they are seldom sick, they are called alkaline constitution, but they just take ten percent of crowd; there is also ten percent people is totally unhealthy, we can also call them patients. Most of people's  (about 80 percent) PH value is below 7.35, they are called acid constitution medically.

1. What is acid constitution?

When the PH value of human organs is below normal value because of various reasons, the inside situation will change and the survival condition of germs will be broken, so that it will influence the metabolism of physical function of bodies and the it will cause kinds of illnesses, that is what we called acid constitution.

Compared with alkaline constitution, these people has poor resistance and weak constitution, their bodies are lying between the health and illness, they always feel uncomfortable, sleepy, constipated, fat and so on. The famous Japanese doctor of medicine Mr. Muyuan said that acidity is the resource of illness. According to the researches from scientists, the amniotic fluid that wrap new babies is alkalescent micro molecule, so most of new babies are alkalescent constitution. So why now 80 percent people are acid constitution? What's the reasons for acid constitution?

2.The main reasons for acid constitution:

(1) Unreasonable dietary structure

We always said about diet--of course we should focus on drink and then food, but in fact, Chinese always pay attention to food, especially acid food. Our staple food and non-staple food is always acid food. Acid food includes rice, noodles, chicken ,duck, fish, meat ,sea food ,eggs, drink, cigarette, liquor and so on, these food decompose kinds of acid, alkaline food includes fruit, vegetables, bean products, dairy products, kelp and so on. If metabolite includes Ca2+、Mg2+k+ at most, it is alkaline food, on the contrary, if it includes p or s at most, it will be acid food. Therefore, although apples, hawthorn and mature vinegar taste sour, but they are alkaline food. The best proportion for alkaline and acid food is 1:3, it is so hard for us to do it in our daily life, the long-term acid in food caused acid in constitution.

(2) People in modern society are lacking of exercise. Exercise outside and sweating can exclude oxygen principle. However, the speed of life is faster and faster and the vehicle is more and more convenient, so their exercise is decreasing and oxygen principle always stay in bodies, at last, it causes acid constitution.

(3) Too high mental pressure can also cause acid constitution. People in modern society can't get released for a long time because of  life, work and emotion. According to the research from scientist, when someone is mad , the gas he exhaled is poisonous. So that we can see when people are under the high pressure and tension, their bodies will be acid.

(4) Bad addiction also will lead to acid constitution, such as smoking, drinking ( cigarette and liquor are the typical acid food), staying up late for karaoke, playing mahjong or staying outside all night and not living a regular life, all of these will cause acid constitution.

(5) Environment pollution, including the pollution from additive and corrosion remover.

3. What kind of illness will be caused by acid constitution?

The PH value of human bleed is 7.35-7.45, that belongs to alkalescent, if the value belows 7.35, that belongs to acid constitution. The harm of acid constitution to human bodies is as follows:

1) Immunity will be reduced, the most suitable PH value of immune cell is 7.35-7.45, if the value has decreased, the activity of immune cell will be reduced drastically. Some virus and germ has the strongest activity in acidulous condition. Therefore, the acid constitution is able to reduce immunity of bodies.

2) High blood pressure, people who are the acid constitution may have more chloridion, but overmuch chloridion will make angiotensin Ⅰtransfer to angiotensin Ⅱ, and then it causes vasoconstriction and elevation of blood pressure. However, the chloridion and blood fat are all acid matters in body. If human body fluid always is acid, some elements in blood will be changed, especially when plasma is in acid situation, it can't wipe off the acidoid that comes from metabolism. Acidoid that immersed in vascular wall will lead to atherosis. The increase of blood fat will cause the increase of blood viscosity and the decline of blood flow velocity. The increase of blood fat and atherosis are also the pathological basis of high blood pressure.

3) Diabetes, acid constitution has the direct contact with diabetes, the activity of insulin will decline by 30 percent if the PH value declined by 0.1 unit. The decline of insulin's activity and the influence on glycogen compound are all the basic elements of diabetes.

4) Senile osteoporosis, when human blood fluid is partial acid, the blood calcium and acidoid in blood will mix and then create calcium salt, it leads to the decline of blood calcium concentration. In order to keep the stability of blood calcium, the calcium from skeleton will dissolve and supply to blood. The more acidoid in blood, the more blood calcium will be consumed, the more calcium in skeleton will be dissolved, so the osteoporosis will more serious.

5) Cancer, most of people with cancer are acid constitution. The blood fluid environment of healthy cells is alkalescent, once the blood fluid become acid and cells anoxia, that will make the mutation of cells, so that the cancer cell comes out. Besides, acid constitution can weaken the phagocytosis of immune cell to cancer cell. On the other hand, suitable PH value  for cancer cell is 6.85-6.95, so the acid constitution is good for the proliferation and transition of cancer cell.

6) Illness like gout and calculus, the pathogenesis of gout is metabolic block, its clinical characteristics is blood acid increasing, and acid constitution will aggravate uratecrystal, then it leads to gout. Acid constitution also makes calcium salt immerse and produce calculus. What's more, acid constitution can make enteric residue ferment unusually and have difference influence on intestinal tract movement, at last, it causes constipation.

If you are lack of acid badly, you had better not drink the alkaline brine electrolysis whose PH value is higher than 8.5, but on occasion you can drink acid brine electrolysis with 6. Yijian electrolysis water producing device can adjust and control acid-base. The common people should drink the brine electrolysis that PH value is around 8 at the beginning, except the people with acid constitution, you can turn up suitably in the late.

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