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The Problems we Need to Pay Attention for the Baby's Water Replenishing

Everyone knows that the baby needs calcium, zinc, iron supplements...but rarely listen to any mother to consult water replenishment, here are some questions to be paid attention to when the baby is hydrating.

Water is not a nutrient, but it participates in most of the physical processes of the body, including all metabolism and body temperature regulation activities, its importance is not lost in any of the nutrients. Therefore, the young mother should set up the awareness of the importance of hydration and nutrition, to read the baby's "hydration".

Learn to make up the water

Compared with adults, baby's need for water is more urgent. In terms of the proportion of water in the body, the adult is about 50 percent to 60 percent, while the newborn baby reaches 85 percent and the infants also account for 70 percent, which can be said that the baby is made of water.

If the baby is deficient in water supply, the body will have a number of alarm signals:

1. Within 24 hours, the baby's wet diaper is less than 6, or the diaper is not wet within 6 hours.
2. Deep yellow urine, heavy urine.
3. Sink the head fontana.
4. The baby's lips are dry and the big baby is thirsty.
5. Poor skin elasticity. You use your thumb and forefinger to hold the baby's back and suddenly open it, and you can see the skin return to flat.

When the baby comes up with the warning sign, you might want to rehydrate. But at this time the water balance in the baby has been broken, the cells start to dehydrate, the health has been lost, your hydration will be like "mend the fold after the sheep have been stolen", this is called passive rehydration. The correct step should be to give water to the baby before the water shortage has already appeared. This is the new concept of hydration that parenting experts advocate -- taking the initiative to rehydrate, mother must learn.

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