The Most Ideal Antioxygen in The 21st Century---Reductive Water

Vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, catechinic acid and SOD all have good antioxidant function, but every antioxygen just can eliminate one kind or several kinds of free radical. If adopt the above mentioned single antioxygen, there will be some new free radical when it eliminates one kind of free radical. Therefore, if the feed antioxygen is not reasonable and comprehensive, it can't eliminate the free radical completely, what's more, it will add some new free radical, So whether there is a kind of safe and effective free-radical scavenger?

Japan has did a lot of clinical research about eliminating free radical by reductive water, Japanese Concord Hospital cooperated with Kyushu University, they used reductive water to do adjuvant therapy and helped cure illness with digestive tract, heart and cerebral vessels, gout and diabetes. The professor Lv Fengzhou from medical college of Taiwan University also has tested the reductive water's  ability of eliminating free radical by chemiluminescent immunoassay. He proved the elimination factor of reductive water for eliminating free radical can up to 75 percent. How amazing the result is ! What's the theory?

Water will produce cathode activated hydrogen in electrolytic process. Activated hydrogen can provide a electron for other substance easily, so it has good reducibility, we can prove it by testing the ORP valve of reductive water.

The potential of reductive water is lower than other water and it's negative, that proves it has good reducibility. In 2003, Yijian cooperated with Chinese PLA General Hospital for studying the antioxidant function of reductive water. The result is Yijian reductive water can adjust blood fat, atherosis. It also can confront lipid peroxidation and decline fibrous protein. Yijian reductive water has many healthcare functions, it is a kind of superior water that good for health promotion.

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