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The Function of the Filter

As the name implies, the water filter is mainly used to filter impurities. Generally speaking, it is necessary to determine the specifications of the dryer according to the refrigeration system of the refrigerator and air conditioner, such as diameter, inner diameter, outer diameter, and inner parts, such as filter bowl, net cloth, and molecular sieve. The outer shell is formed by the copper tube receptacle, with the same diameter and different diameter at both ends of the inlet and outlet interfaces. The inner end is a thick metal net, and the outer end is a fine metal net, which can effectively filter impurities. It is equipped with a fine hygroscopic molecular sieve as a desiccant to absorb water from the refrigerant to ensure the smooth flow of the capillary and the normal operation of the refrigeration system. When the desiccant fails due to excessive absorption of water, it should be replaced in time.

Working principle of  fridge filters

The working principle, function, structural characteristics, cooling and heating of fridge filters When the refrigerant flows through it, the moisture contained is adsorbed by the molecular sieve, and the dirt is blocked by the filter screen. Therefore, when we need to replace the drying filter when repairing, we should avoid breaking the filter screen at both ends. The filters that have been opened should be applied in a timely manner and not exposed to the atmosphere for a long time. Because in that case, the inclusion of molecular sieve may reach saturation and lose its adsorption capacity.

Function of refrigerator filter

As the "scavenger" in the refrigeration system of the refrigerator, the dry filter mainly absorbs water and dust in the system, and ensures the cleaning and drying of the refrigeration system. It is connected between the condenser and the capillary.
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