The Deficiency of Water Purifying Plant Standard Can Cause Secondary Pollution Easily

With the strength of healthy awareness of drinking water, domestic and foreign merchant are competing to water appliance product business. It is known that the present various water appliance product includes water dispenser, water purifier, straight drink machine, ultrafilter, water softener, water purification machine and so on. Although there are so many water appliance products, dual water supply system is emerging endlessly, the popularizing rate of household water purification is just 1.7 percent in China now, but in west countries, its rate already up to 70 percent to 80 percent. For treated water by water purifier or other water appliance product , how to deal with its secondary pollution? The introduction and analysis about this question by water purifier scientists are as follows.

Products for clean water treatment fall into three categories

Huge capacity of the market attracts many merchants get into the market of water appliance . According to the introduction, there are various water appliance products like ultrafilter, water softener, water purification machine, ionized water machine and living water purifier except the common water dispenser, water purifier, straight drink machine. At the same time, the brands of water purifier are also various, such as Quanlai that made by professional experts and the subsequent brands Midea, Sun and so on.

It is known that products for clean water treatment fall into three categories, one is water dispenser with barrelled water, At present, the development of water dispenser is the fastest, because it is easy and it doesn't need making process, the disadvantage is its higher cost because of the transportation of barrelled water, it also has problem in secondary pollution. The second is water purifier, including various water purifier, ultrafilter and water purification machine. Its advantage is low cost and its convenience, just need to filtrate tap water. According to figures, if you use family water purifier, it just takes 1 yuan for per barrel. The third one is dual water supply, but because of  its much initial investment wand weak awareness of it, it is generally guided by government with slow speed.

The deficiency standard of water purifying plant

According to the analysis from water purifier scientists, although Ministry of Health is strict in certifying water appliance products, they are not strict in market circulation and product spot check after certifying. It has been revaled that there is no unifield standard for water appliance products, but it has unifield  standard for quality of drink water. There is no standard for water purifying plant.

According to Mr.Li who is occupied in drinking water business in GuangDong province, water purifying products have developed rapidly in recent years, maybe it has something to do the difficulties in solving secondary pollution. However, this kind of product is still in mind forging stage so far. It is revealed that water dispenser will take 65 percent of water purifying market in 2004.

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