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Congratulations! Stylish Design 909 Applied Design Patent Successfully

AOK Alkaline Ionizer(AOK-909 Design Patent) is a mineral alkaline water ionizer, which can convert the regular tap water into alkaline and ionized water by the excellent 8 layer filter system. The filtered water with weak.

alkaline, low negative ORP, you can use it for washing, cooking and drinking, this alkaline water ionizer can effectively solve the health risks which caused by water pollution and bring us the micro-mineral water conveniently at home.
AOK Alkaline Ionizer(AOK-909 Design Patent)
MAYU, as one of the top 10 leaders of Alkaline Water Ionizer manufacturer, we had already gotten several patents of our AOK products from design to formula, we are powerful to make your dream come to real products, welcome your OEM/ODM project to work with us!

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