Solution to common problems of water electrolysis machines

1、What is the differences between the electrolytic water machine and the frequency spectrum and the nano water machine?

The spectrum, nano water machine is the application of far infrared water dissociation principle, the formation of small molecules of water, and water electrolysis machine in addition to produce small molecules of water, using the principle of electrolysis electrolytic ion for minerals, PH is weakly alkaline, and negative potential.

2、What is the advantages of the electro - chemical electrolysis machine over the peer brand?


①Safe direct drinking water. The reason is that the matched pre filter, coupled with the filtration of the fiber activated carbon filter imported from Japan in the electrolytic water machine, ensures that the water out of the water machine is safe.

②High quality functional water. Reason; Function key depends on the water quality stand or fall of electrolyzer, our water electrolyzer is imported from Japan, to ensure that the multi-function water electrolysis of the weak alkaline water and weak acid is of high quality water electrolysis of water, the function of the different quality of electrolyzer electrolytic out the effect of the water is not the same.

③Excellent quality and reasonable price. To develop our built-in fiber activated carbon filter and electrolytic cell are imported from Japan, the rest parts are belong to Taiwan products, this product factory is Japan's matsushita electrolysis water machine commissioned processing plants, so similar and international first-class product is also a platform, to develop and we strengthen its key features (built-in filter, electrolytic cell, automatic cleaning, replacement filter automatically remind, etc.), as a result, the most the earth to meet customer demand, to spend less money to buy the best machine.

3、Where is the advantage of the electrolyzer of the instrument?

Titanium platinum alloy is used for electrolytic bath materials, and the chemical stability can be used for a long time.

The ion membrane in the electrolyzer is used to select the latest ionic separation technology - ceramic ionic membrane, which guarantees the use effect and time of use.

The process design of electrolytic cell is advanced, the manufacturing procedure is complex and the technology is high.

4、How many filters did the water machine go through before electrolysis? How does it compare to other filtering technologies?

Water electrolysis before after the first PP cotton, can see can remove the water and sediment, humus, suspended solids, such as rust, primary purification of water, and the name of the second coconut shell activated carbon, can be the organic matter in the water, heavy metal, odor, color, bacteria and residual chlorine in adsorption to remove, change the taste of water, the water more health and safety, the third fiber activated carbon filter, can filter the water more small organic matter, heavy metal, remove peculiar smell, residual chlorine. Membrane filtration: at present, membrane filtration mainly has microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration.

Microfiltration(MF):Porous membranes with pore sizes larger than 0.02 microns to 10 microns can reduce turbidity in water, remove organic microorganisms and bacteria.

Ultrafiltration(UF):The pore size is 10 Amy to 200 Amy, which can remove bacteria, heat source and organic chlorinated carcinogen in water, and does not affect the content of mineralized water.

Nanofiltration(NF):A between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membrane separation technology, its intercept molecular weight in the range of 200-1000, aperture of a few nanometers, can be selectively removes the water hardness, retain salt, beneficial to human body to remove small molecule organic matter.

The common advantages are; It can remove harmful bacteria, some organic matter and solid impurities, the filter is easy to clean, relatively cheap. Microfiltration, ultrafiltration membrane method is using mechanical filter or screening mechanism of pollutants can be purged depends completely on film hole size, due to the thin membrane and surface area is larger, to ensure that every square centimeter without holes is very difficult, especially in the process of using once with holes, water purifier is lost.

5、How long does the PP cotton filter and activated carbon filter life?How to determine when to replace the filter?

The content of PP cotton filter  is 3000 - 6000 liters of filtration, activated carbon filter water is from 6000 to 12000 liters, the use of specific life quality due to differences and different household water consumption, therefore not at the same time, should be judged according to the actual situation of the customer. When the water pressure is normal, the water output of the alkaline water pipe is getting smaller and smaller, and the taste is becoming worse and worse. The filter element should be replaced. If the water function is used normally, there is no other problem.

6、What are the consequences of plugging the filter?

Filter plug will make the machine less water, resulting in the machine is always in standby state and no electrolytic instructions.

7、How to deal with the replacement of activated carbon filter without using value? Is it harmful to health?

The filter cartridge has no value, and has no harm to health. When discarded, it can be put into the recyclable garbage can, and the company can also handle it uniformly.

8、How long is the service life of water electrolysis machine?

The electrolytic cell is the core component of the machine, so the life of the machine is decided by the life, water quality and water consumption of the electrolyzer. Our electrolytic cell life is >4200 hours, if a day with a small timer, and the normal operation can be used for more than 4200 days, that is more than ten years, if one day with half an hour, you can use two, thirty years.

9、What is the power of water electrolysis machine? How much is the electricity consumption?

The power of the electrolyzer depends on the model, which is the number of electrolytic cell and the determination of electrolytic intensity. Generally, it is 100~ 200W, and the strong file is 200W, the weak file is 100W, and the water purifier does not consume electricity. The average family USES 15 to 30 minutes of water a day, which is enough for 20 to 40 days.

10、Is it possible for waste water to be wasted when the water electrolysis machine is not equipped with a power switch?

Frequently switching power supply can interfere with the normal work of the machine, and when the water machine is not used, the power consumption is very small, and the power switch is completely unnecessary. The power of the water machine is about 2W when standby, and the power consumption of one month is (2 watts per hour *24*30 days), which is about one or two times, so it won't be wasted.

11、What is the cleaning method of the electrolytic cell of apparatus health electrolyzer?

There are five kinds of cleaning methods, the first one is water machine automatic cleaning, after using closed water, inside the machine will automatically clean time; the second is the cumulative water use manual cleaning, when the wash water reaches the set, the computer issued a directive, "indicating lamp cleaning" button to light up, should immediately press the "manual the key for cleaning, cleaning cleaning" when the music sounded, about 1 minutes after the completion of the machine automatically jump to the "daily drinking" section. The third is manual cleaning, at least once a day, open the water source water by the "cleaning key" for cleaning. The fourth is very down manual cleaning, press any acidic water machine normal water level, water pouring machine, the main outlet for acidic water, alkaline water outlet side. Fifth kinds of citric acid cleaning, generally need professional after-sales service personnel according to the normal water, determine whether the need for cleaning, usually a year or so, depending on the local water quality.

12、Why should the polarity switch of the electrolytic water machine be carried out frequently?

Long term non switching polarity will make calcium, magnesium and other compounds wrapped in the cathode plate and isolation membrane, reduce the water electrolysis intensity and permeability of the membrane, so it is necessary to switch polarity frequently. In other words, it is backwash. In this way, the electrode plate and the isolating film can be protected, so as to prolong the service life of the machine. The electrolytic water machine is equipped with automatic cleaning device, which is easy to use.

13、How to maintain the water machine?

1)、The water machine must be cleaned manually once a day, and the water machine with larger water should be cleaned 3-5 times per day.

2)、In order to ensure the normal use of water, which must be reasonable arrangement of time, water alkaline 1, alkaline 2 period of time of not more than 40 minutes at a time of water supply, alkaline 3, alkaline 4 water supply time shall not be more than 20 minutes.

3)、Often using acid 1, acid 2 main water outlet operation is conducive to machine balance work.

4)、In addition to the thunderstorm weather, other time must not cut off the power frequently, if the long time is not used, can cut off the power.

5)、Please try not to use water that is extremely cloudy or polluted by heavy metal, which can reduce the life of filter core. Meanwhile, the health security of water is not guaranteed.

6)、Do not rinse the body directly with water, and do not use volatile solvents such as alcohol to wipe the body. Please gently wipe with a soft cloth or cloth with soapy water.

7)、Please do not combine with water heater to avoid hot water flowing over 40 degrees into water making machine.

14、The water machine will be hot during the use of the water machine. Can you tell me how much current can be borne by the overload protection of the water machine?

Instrument health electrolysis water machine chassis with a transformer, when an electric current passes through, the transformer can produce heat, in the spring, autumn, winter season is not obvious, after entering the summer, due to rising temperatures, machine transformer through the casing heat slower, plus water generator shell is fully enclosed smoke bombs were design, a sealed tightly, so has the certain temperature increase is also normal, average temperature around 40 degrees, this machine is belong to normal within temperature of 80 degrees. The water jet overload protection can withstand the current of 10A, the maximum power can reach 200W.

15、What water source should be used in order to make the water machine work properly? What is the impact on the water machine by dealing with polluted water?

Qualified municipal tap water should be used. If the underground water or well water is not pretreated, the service life of the filter core will be shortened. Because the current water filter configuration is mainly for the municipal water supply. If the water pollution is serious, the filter element should be configured according to the specific situation. Water is a variable, we must follow the principle of water treatment: because the water system should solve the personalized.

16、Can water gauge electrolysis water machine be used in hard water area?

Certainly.The electrolysis machine adopts EVI to develop patent technology and solves the problem of different water quality in different regions. It can be suitable for all kinds of water quality (tds50-1500mg/L).

17、When the tap water pressure is too small or too large, does it affect the work of the water pump?

Electrolysis water machine can feed water pressure of 0.1 to 0.1 MPa, so in general, the use of tap water can meet the water machine environment, but when the water pressure is too small or too large, is influential to water machine to work properly. The water pressure function is specially set up by the electrolyzer, which can be used to make you clear, and of course, it is easy to solve even this situation. Solution: water pressure too small add supercharging device (water pump); The hydraulic pressure can be added to the pressure relief valve.

18、What is the reason that the outlet water is small or not?

The main reason is that the water pressure is small and the water pressure is small. Whether the customer's water pressure is unstable or not, if the water pressure is always small, the booster pump can be considered. On the other hand there is all levels of filter blockage, resulting in low water pressure or electrolysis, electrolytic crystallization, the water pressure is reduced, the replacement of the filter element or cleaning the electrolyzer, the water pressure is normal, there is a smaller aperture probability may be small valve (possibly quality problem), resulting in water pressure is too small one by one, should check which filter plugging, the corresponding replacement, if the electrolyzer is cleaned, the water ratio may be asymmetric outlet pipe is too long, please make the appropriate shear, ensure that no more than 60 centimeters.

19、Why is the water coming out of the water machine having bubbles?

At the beginning of the formation of alkaline water is sometimes whitish color, this is because just when in use, there are three air filter, under the pressure of the water is discharged, the formation of bubbles, at the same time, gas is generated in the process of electrolysis and electrolysis bubble formation, bubble strength is more high, more, more water is whitish color. It does not interfere with the normal drinking.

20、Why does the water machine bring out the same thing as the skin on the iron sheet in the process of water?

This is the substance produced by the ion accumulated in the electrolyzer and the carbon dioxide in the air. It is a crystalline substance, but sometimes it is dissolved by water and then brought out.

21、The faucet opens for half a day without water. After closing, the flow will stop for a while. What is the trouble?

No fault, no water is due to insufficient water pressure, (raw water pressure or water pressure after the filter element), so the water, water is due to the first filter into the remaining water is still the reason for the water pressure.

22、How to deal with the leakage in the machine?

If this phenomenon occurs, please immediately power off, water, do not continue to forcibly use, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine, and immediately contact the local maintenance personnel.

23、Why does the water machine break down after use?

Because the air in the pre filter causes the water machine to stop flow, the continuous use of natural disappear, because of the existence of the air, sometimes the water will appear noise, is also normal.

24、Why is the acid water out of any button, unable to produce alkaline water?

TDS may be too low, there is no adjustment of gear, need to adjust the high-grade position; also may be lack of water pressure. If not, it may be a water failure, requiring professional maintenance personnel for testing and maintenance.

25、Why does the newly installed machine not produce alkaline water, only neutral water?

The reason is; A, excessive water flow, resulting in inadequate electrolysis. B. The water quality TDS is too low, and there is no adjustment of the gears, which causes the electrolysis to be weak.

26、Why do acidic water and alkaline water flow out at the same time? Can two exits produce a kind of water simultaneously?

Water after electrolytic alkali of two kinds of water is inevitable, if another export water pressure will be blocked, there are two kinds of water mixed with alkaline phenomenon, is not completely alkaline, acidity is not completely acid.

27、How to adjust the pH value of alkaline water?

One is to use the "strength adjustment" button to adjust water flow in the same, the pH value increased by two from bottom to top; adjust the water flow to adjust the pH value in the same position, the water flow rate, pH value is low, the water flow is small, high pH value.

28、Why does the water machine send out "didi" when it is transferred to acidic water?

This is one aspect of the humanized design of electrolytic water machine, to remind the outlet pipe water is beauty clean water, can not drink.

29、Is there any obvious reason that the electrolytic water machine is not electrolytic or electrolytic?

Criterion is not electrolysis must be clear, not just according to the color of the water is a rough estimate, the new machine, can be TDS because the water quality is too low, no gear adjustment, lead electrolysis is not strong, can't even see the electrolysis. The use of more than a month of the machine, you can consider whether the electrolyte is too strong, resulting in the crystallization of electrolytic cells, electrolytic effect decreased or unable to distinguish. Please clean with citric acid, if the problem cannot be solved, it was judged as a circuit, may be internal resistance of cement shall be welded or off, circuit board, transformer burned, replacement, electrolytic is not sufficient: to see whether the gear set, and then observe the crystallization, and the corresponding treatment; and raw water pH how much will affect the pH; then water is too big, which leads to insufficient electrolysis.

30、Is the water temperature too high to affect the operation of the cell?

Will be. To avoid over 40 ° C hot water into the instrument health electrolysis water machine, otherwise, the high temperature deformation of diaphragm and ABS material. And electrolysis water advocate to drink, the effect will be better, therefore cannot water temperature is exorbitant.

31、What is the anomaly of the water engine indicator?

The lights are not bright or not bright, individual lights flashing back and forth, cleaning light, machine barking, key failure, no sound or light without the corresponding reaction.
The above problems or similar problems, mostly belong to the circuit or panel problems. If the cleaning lamp continues to shine, it may not be done daily. Please clean it several times. The lights flash chaos or no response to the issue of treatment is to touch power to confirm the fault is correct, and then open the front cover panel for screw tightness adjustment, look at the issue can be excluded, as there are still problems, there may be CPU socket pin with the connecting line pin oxidation, CPU can be removed, wipe with a little pin socket alcohol, connected toothbrush with a row of stitches can be a brush or alcohol blade shave, and then reconnect. Some faults can be eliminated. If the problem still exists, the key circuit board and the main board need to be replaced.

32、Why are some buttons not pressed? For example: to use acidic water, but still jump back to alkalinity?

It may be that the process of transporting is too large, causing the keypad key, and the screwdriver to use the keypad.

33、Does the prefilter water freeze when the temperature is low in winter?

The weather is too cold (below 0 degrees Celsius) or will not be used for a long time, will be frozen, so pay attention to antifreeze, please put the pre filter memory water, so as to avoid water icing expansion, damage to the pre filter shell.

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