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Secret of the Time of Healthy Drinking Water

Plain water is an indispensable drink in People's Daily life, but according to the survey, 40% of people don't know enough about plain water. Especially there are multiple mistakes during the daily drinking process. This is harmful to the human body to a certain extent, and this is not unguarded, so do you know all the little secrets of plain water? The total number of bacteria in the overnight water is higher than the tap water. The boiling water has a shelf life of 16 hours. The number of coliform bacteria in plain boiled water is exceeding high.

Although the bacteria in the fresh water are seriously excessive, many people feel that they don't seem to feel the effects of drinking overnight water. Experts in the electrolysis machine warn that if people with poor resistance to the elderly and children, or those with gastrointestinal diseases, if you drink water with excessive bacteria, it can easily cause the symptoms of gastroenteritis and diarrhea, this is why some people "drink cold water and have diarrhea". For healthy people, it is a subtle influence on the body to drink excessive amounts of bacteria, and the longer the time accumulates, the more obvious the impact on health will be.

If you take an analogy, you can drink stale water for a long time, just like eating the food that contains additives for a long time. In the short term, it may not feel good, but the accumulation of the years, the physical condition will be affected. According to the survey of WHO, 75 percent of people in modern society are in sub-health, and if there is any negligence, these sub-healthy people will become sick. If we don't pay attention to the details of small drinking water, the health environment in our body is constantly damaged, and the constitution can become worse and worse. Even if you don't have diarrhea, you'll be more vulnerable than others, or worse than before. So, when you appear the condition such as fatigue, decreased immunity, while we pay attention to the health diet, we also need to check if our water is right, don't let our health be eroded by a glass of water every day.

The first step is to boil water

It is best to boil for 3 minutes

Almost everyone agrees that drinking water from safe sources is not a health risk because it is clean and does not deteriorate. But in fact, if you ignore the details of drinking water, then clean water can change, and it can be dangerous to your health.

To understand how water deteriorates, start with its source. People drink roughly two kinds of water daily: buckets and home-cooked water. Qualified reverse osmosis is handled strictly according to the national safe drinking water standard. As long as the transportation link is done well, the indexes of all aspects are standard. Boiling water is boiling in your own home, but few people know that boiling water should continue to boil for 3 minutes to remove the chloride from tap water. Boil for 3 minutes to turn off the fire, because if the cooking time is too long, it will lead to an increase of nitrite in the water, and nitrite is a recognized carcinogen.

The second step of drinking water is to hang water

Sealed air is best to 25 ℃ to 30 ℃

In the process of boiling water, the harmful substance should evaporate and destroy, but don't think that's all good, because there are many health minefields in the process of drinking water. For example, just don't rush to drink boiled water, it should be left to 25 ℃ and 30 ℃ to drink, in the process of natural cooling, the precipitation of residual chlorine and solid substances such as calcium can be used to soften the water quality properly. The most important thing to do during the cooling process is to cover the lid.It's not just about avoiding the dust, according to the expert of electrolysis, the number of bacteria per cubic meter can reach tens of thousands in indoor air circulation, which is amazing, if the water is exposed to air, it will be contaminated by bacteria. In the same way, if you don't have a lid to dry the night before, this water will be a breeding ground for germs.

The third step of drinking water

A glass of water can last 16 hours

The water in the overnight water is "dirty", and the electrolyzer manufacturers warn that the total number of bacteria in the overnight water is higher than the tap water. Experiments show that when water is boiled in a kettle and placed in the air for 16 hours, the number of coliform bacteria detected in the water can exceed the standard of drinking water. Because the source of the contaminated water is mainly bacteria in the air, even reverse osmosis, distilled water and so on, as long as exposure is placed, the result is the same.

Thus, the water enters the countdown to the "freshness" of drinking water from the moment it is poured into the cup. If you're an office worker, you get a big glass of water in the morning when you get to the office, and then you get busy. When you think about it, you can take a sip and put it on the table. It may not be finished until after work, the next day at work, you get thirsty as soon as you enter the door, then you can drink from the cup. At this time you will not be able to think of it, it looks like nothing, and drinking water that smells good, it has gone bad, you drink not only water, but also bacteria.

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