Possible Problems with Refrigerator Filters

The fridge filters cool

The fridge filter system is blocked, which can be divided into ice block and dirty block. If the ice block can be seen frosting in the capillary, if it is dirty block, it will be at the mouth of the filter.  The drying filter is composed of two parts, the drier and the filter, which is installed in the liquid pipe between the condenser outlet and the capillary inlet. When there is a dirty plug, the dry filter acts as a capillary, which causes the refrigerant to evaporate at the filter in advance, resulting in a cooler surface and even a frost layer. If the filter is cool, it can be thought that the filter is blocked, but it is not blocked completely, and it can also pass through the fluorine, resulting in throttling refrigeration to cool the filter. Block is generally ice block, dirty block and oil block. Ice block is quite common in refrigerators. If methanol is added, the possibility of dirty block is very high, because methanol will precipitate out the wax in the frozen oil.  The reason for failure is that the filter is a little cold. Normally, the temperature of the filter is not lower than the ambient temperature. If it is a little cold, it is proved that the fluorine evaporates here, and since the fluorine evaporates here, there must be a throttle phenomenon here. The reason for the throttling is that the pipe diameter is suddenly smaller and the diameter of the tube will not be smaller if it is not blocked.

Heating of the filter in the refrigerator

If the refrigerator is normally used and the refrigeration is normal, you can see if the outer wall of the refrigerator is covered by the curtain, bedding, newspaper and so on. If there is, please remove it as soon as possible. If there is no coverage, see whether it is too close to the wall, resulting in poor ventilation. In short, the dryer is overheated under the condition that the refrigerator has not been repaired. If it is repaired, this superheated condition should not be normal or even bad. The throttle system is either blocked by ice or dirty and must be repaired.
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