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New Theory of Negative Potential Water and Free Fadicals

The pursuit of immortality is a common aspiration of many kings and humans since ancient times. Thus Qin Shihuang appointed Xufu to lead 500 pure men and maidens, going to Penglai to seek for elixir. Chang ' E ate the elixir of life of Hou Yi and then flew to the moon as Luna.

Even in the 21st century, the myth of immortality has been shattered but how to avoid aging is still a goal which pursued by many people. The healthy food will soon become a hot catch as long as it emerges in the market and is said can help prevent aging. In 1995, a medical research found that people do not have to take the long process than the short process, nor to spend a lot of money for the purpose of preventing aging in the future. It can effectively reduce the source of all diseases in human body-free radicals by the reduction and treatment of the purified tap water to achieve the effect of disease resistance and anti-aging.

Free radicals also known as "reactive oxygen", is a kind of unpaired free electrons in human body which produced by incomplete metabolites. It can oxidize proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, the DNA of the nucleus and other biological molecules with chemical reactions. The process of free radical oxidation is to capture negative electrons outside the cell. It can lead to rapid oxidation of cells with the loss of balance between positive and negative electrons on the periphery of cells. This devastating peroxidation would damage the structure of cellular, causing damage to the function of normal cell division and duplication. Finally result in causing the aging of the human body and disease and even cancer.

Free Radical Medicine is a newly-developed subject which is created quickly in modern times. Free radicals can be said to be a newly discovered "pathogenic factor", which provides new clues to the study of some diseases and opens up new ways for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases.

In 1995, professor Lu Fengzhou of the Institute of Biochemistry, Taiwan University of Medicine, established a quantitative method for detecting free radicals in the whole blood, known as the "ultra-micro chemiluminescence assay". It has confirmed that the breast cancer, colorectal cancer, rectal cancer, hepatitis, acute pancreatitis, gastritis, duodenal inflammation, ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis, diabetes, uremia, heart circulation disease, coronary artery disease patients with higher free radicals in the whole blood than normal person.

Professor Lu Fengzhou had studied the experiment for a year. He studied the whole blood of 188 healthy persons in NTU Hospital (i.e. no cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal, liver and pancreatic diseases), as well as 78 patients with acute pancreatitis. Then detected the total free radicals in their blood with "ultra-micro chemiluminescence assay", which is developed by him. The results showed that the content of free radical in the whole blood of normal person was 585.2 units while the free radicals in the whole blood of patients with acute pancreatitis were 2488.5 units. He used the reduction water which was generated by the electrolysis machine to eliminate the free radicals in the whole blood of patients with acute pancreatitis. It was found that the more the use of reducing water with negative potential, the stronger the ability to eliminate free radicals. But whether it can cure the disease or not still need more clinical researches of the medical profession.

The study undid the myth that the Japanese water industry and academia have long claimed that "ionic water is good for health" without scientific evidence. It has thus caused considerable repercussions. The Japanese have always called the electrolysis of water as "ionic water". Even the water electrolyzed by cathode is said to be "magic calcium water" or "alkaline water" and the water electrolyzed by anode is called "acidic water". In fact, this is only the principle of biochemical "oxidation" and "reduction", and it does not matter with ion. Lu Fengzhou pointed out that, for a long time, the medical field has been focusing on vitamin C, E and beta-carotene in the direction of the study of free radicals. But the study found that the reduction water is actually a potent tool for eliminating "active oxygen" than vitamin C, E and beta-carotene.

The reduction water machine was once popular on the water machine market with the publication of this study and the book called Water for Reduction by Professor Lu Fengzhou. At the beginning of the study, professor Lu Fengzhou used reductive water as sample; he said, "Good quality water is the prerequisite for using the reductive water machine, if the water source quality of the reduction machine is not good, then the electrolyzed water quality would do harm to the health of the human body; the consumer drinks in the heavy metal concentrated water which is harmful to the human body.”

Now the new generation of negative water is based on RO reverse osmosis precision filtration technology combined with the formation of mineral energy hydrolysis. This improved technique uses RO membrane to filtrate the water. All the material that is beneficial and harmful to the human body in the water will be excluded to pure water. It is then generated by hydrolyzing through the known useful minerals to the human body. And there is no need to worry about negative potential alkaline heavy metal concentrate water in this way.

As a water researcher, I have an obligation to study and discover a good water that is beneficial to human life. I hereby call on the experts who are engaged in drinking water industry and interested in aquatic research to exclude the parochial prejudice and research and discuss commonly the relationship between "negative potential water" and free radicals. Maybe thesecretof human life is in it.

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