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New National Standard for Household Water Purification Products

In recent years, the market for household water purification products has started to rise, but due to the lack of national standards, the current products of water purification products are co-existing. Illegal production and fake and shoddy products have been repeatedly banned, and consumers' legal rights and interests cannot be guaranteed. In the light of this situation, the China national (private) economic research council for clean water has led the drafting of general requirements for household and similar drinking water treatment devices("drinking water treatment devices"). The standard was approved and submitted to the National Standardization Administration Committee at the end of 2008.

The formulation of national standards for household water purification products is not only beneficial to the elimination of the "three - free" products of "no brand, no technical support, no after-sales service", but also allows enterprises to develop new products and technologies with a unified direction and objectives. As the standard main draftsman, Jiuchuan Gu speaks the importance of this standard.

The identity of the electrolysis machine is more clear

It is understood that in the new national standard, the identity of the electrolytic water machine is more obvious, which will be classified as one category.

Household water purification products are different in terms of the principles and methods of water purification, and the products have a variety of names. It is necessary to make a clear classification of the products, Gu said. The reporter also saw a clear classification of drinking water treatment devices in the draft of the drinking water treatment device. According to the water treatment functions, water treatment devices can be divided into: general water purifier (Y) - drinking water treatment devices for the sensory and general chemical indicators of water purification; Water softener (R) - can provide water treatment equipment for soft water; Pure water machine (C) - a water treatment device for drinking pure water; Mineral water machine (K) - drinking water treatment device with mineralized function; Water electrolyzer (D) - water treatment device for alkaline water and acidic water by electrolysis; Sterilizing water purifier (X) - drinking water treatment equipment with disinfection function; Other water purifiers (Q) - drinking water treatment devices other than the above categories. In addition, the potable water treatment device also has strict requirements on the technical aspects of water purification products, with emphasis on the requirements of health security, performance and service life.

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