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Hydrogen Therapy May be An Effective and Specific Novel Treatment for Aplastic Anemia

Liren Qian, Jianliang Shen, Jianming Cai
Med Sci Monit 2012; 18(6): HY19-22
DOI: 10.12659/MSM.882886

Aplastic anemia (AA) is a rare bone marrow failure disorder with high mortality rate, which is characterized by pancytopenia and an associated increase in the risk of hemorrhage, infection, organ dysfunction and death. The oxidation phenomenon and/or the formation of free radicals have been suggested to be causally related to various hematological disorders, including aplastic anemia. TNF-α, IL-6, and IL-2 also play important roles in the pathogenesis of AA. Recent studies have provided evidence that hydrogen inhalation can selectively reduce cytotoxic oxygen radicals and exert antioxidant effects. It was also reported that hydrogen could suppress the levels of TNF-α and IL-6. Based on these findings, we hypothesize that hydrogen therapy may be an effective, simple, economic and novel strategy in the treatment of aplastic anemia.

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