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Hydrogen-Rich Water: Magic Water Can Cure!

As everyone knows, the human body is composed of cells and people's diseases or aging can be attributed to the aging or necrosis of cells. The main reason of aging or pathological cells is the excessive oxygen free radicals. How are the oxygen free radicals produced? Oxygen enters into cells through breath. At the same time of the combustion of sugar and fat, oxygen will burn too and 2% of the oxygen will become active oxygen. Because of food additives, drinking water containing chlorine and other reasons, the intestinal microbial community is in disorder, causing abnormal fermentation of the intestines and stomach; at this time, a large number of active oxygen can be produced. In other conditions, the human body will also produce a large amount of active oxygen.

Hydrogen is a colorless, tasteless and nontoxic gas. With a strong penetrability, hydrogen can be very easy to enter any part of a cell, which is an important characteristic for hydrogen can treat diseases. The main function of hydrogen is oxidation resistance. Hydrogen selectively neutralizes hydroxyl radicals, nitrite anion and so on. The hydrogen ions are combined with active oxygen to reduce and become water and then is eliminated from the body. Therefore, rich in hydrogen ions, Hydrogen Water has attracted extensive attention in the international market. In simple words, Hydrogen Water is hydrogen-reducing water, which is a kind of drinking water containing hydrogen with a strong reducing force. Different from common water, it can eliminate the excessive active oxygen (oxygen free radical) through antioxidant reducing force of hydrogen.

Just taking water as a carrier, Hydrogen water is not in effect by changing the structure of water; at least there is no evidence that the effect is due to the change happening in the water. Hydrogen can also produce biological effects by breathing. If the hydrogen is released from water, the water will not have the effect. And through breathing,  absorbing hydrogen can also produce the same effect.

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