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Goodbye to Traditional Water Drinking Style, and Start a New Concept of Water Purification

Water accounts for about 70 percent of the body's composition. There is no doubt that water quality directly determines the quality of life. However, is the water we use every day clean enough? According to media reports, the center has conducted a nationwide census of drinking water. According to several people with knowledge of the test, the actual pass rate of the test is only about 50%.

According to its responsible person, the water that has been processed by my company's electrolysis machine can actually be drunk directly. It has the characteristics of clear and bright, colorless, tasteless, no microorganisms, no additives, no secondary pollution. The data obtained by the national authority has proved the effectiveness of the instrument. Our water purification products can effectively remove harmful substances from organic, carcinogenic and heavy metals.

The most important significance of the launch of a flagship electrolysis machine is to "advocate healthy water habits and create a new concept of water". We used to think that tap water looked crystal clear. In fact, as industrialization intensified in recent years, water pollution became more and more serious. In fact, industry experts have said that tap water contains materials such as silt and rust, but also contains bacteria, viruses, protozoa and heavy metal elements that are not visible to the naked eye. Even if the heat is fired, only microbes can be killed, and the remaining pollutants remain. However, the current water quality of bottled water is also difficult to trust. Many media have exposed the phenomenon of barreled water pollution and disinfection of barreled water tanks.

All kinds of dirty water enters the body through the digestive tract or the skin, it can cause cancer, development deformity and so on many diseases, it will seriously endangers human health. Data show that the household ownership rate of water purifier in developed areas such as Europe, the United States and Japan is now over 70%. The figure is only around 5% in China.

The good news is that China's water purifier is growing at a rate of 30% to 50% a year, and more than 100% in big cities like Beijing. The rapid development of the market for water appliances has been spurred by increased awareness of the safety of drinking water and the spread of drinking water and health knowledge over the years.

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