Drink Water, Discharge Acid, Let The Body Get Rid Of Sub-Health! (1)

Bunton, an American scientist, analyzed the drinking water in 100 large cities in America, finding that alkaline water is one of the key factors to reduce cancer mortality; another scientist Schnoeden also observed that drinking acidic water is easy to cause cardiovascular disease. In fact, health and longevity are very simple: to drink right water.

Are tap water and pure water acidic water?

Yes, they are. Generally PH value of tap water and pure water is between 5~7, which is meta-acid.

Weak alkaline water can regulate the acid-base balance of human body. In the medical proof, a human body is alkaline inside and acidic outside. By regulating the body's acid-base balance, alkaline function water can make human body reach the best situation. It is a fundamental method to eliminate the base of any diseases through the normal functioning of the human body; that's why we say water is the king of all medicines. Human's body fluid is alkalescent. In the process of life evolution, the inner environment of the human body is adapted to the weak alkaline state. So if we drink acidic water, it will cause maladjustment of human body's inner liquid environment.

Can weak alkaline water activate human body cells? Weak alkaline water, with small water molecule mass and strong solubility and penetration, is easy to enter the inside of cells to promote human body metabolism and waste discharge. Small molecular functional water contains a large amount of freshly dissolved ion oxygen and trace elements suitable to the needs of the human body. Entering into the cells and blood, it can purify cells and blood. Small molecule water can also decompose the fat of human body and reduce the accumulation of fat. Alkaline functional water softens cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels and discharges it from the body.

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