Do You Drink Antioxidant Water Today?

What is the material base of the good water? The answer is a rich alkaline composition including calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, which is the basis of the potential difference between the exchange of nutrients and waste in our body. We drink water in our daily life, but rarely pay attention to what water we drink. Generally, the water and after permeated and several filters are sourer. Because its mineral content is obviously insufficient. The water produced by our company's antioxidant water bottle will contain a certain amount of trace elements that are beneficial to human health. 

Good water needs the super antioxidant capacity. So what is antioxidant capacity? Antioxidation is our body's ability to reduce free radicals to resist aging. Good water has a good negative potential, which can effectively reduce the activity of free radicals in our body. If you drink good water with antioxidants for a long time, you will be healthier than those who don't. The first condition of the good water is the super antioxidant capacity. Our antioxidant water bottles can provide good water for antioxidation.

Good water must be weak alkaline. Because of our current eating habits, generally, our body constitution is acidic and body is getting acidic. Fatigue, general pain, insomnia and dreams, gastrointestinal motility disorder, endocrine disorders are all typical symptoms of the acidic constitution. There used to be less water pollution, so generally alkaline is relatively high and the oxygen content is also relatively high. Now the water pollution is serious because there are a lot of organic compounds, acidic water gradually, some really good water is becoming more and more difficult to get. And our Antioxidant Water Pitcher can provide some alkaline water.
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