Countertop Filter

Structure of ceramic filter material:

Outer layer: made of ultra-precision ceramic and silver through sintering at 1200 degrees of high temperature, which can filter mud, rust and dust. The bacteriostatic rate reaches 99.99%.  Inner layer: high density activated carbon granule oxidation and reduction exchange media can remove free chlorine, color and odor in tap water, capture heavy metals and reduce toxic chemicals

Characteristics of filter element:

Effectively removing Cystosporidium Effective removal of Giardia Lambia  Drink without boiling

Main technical performance indicators:

Function: it is sintered with silica and silicon soil. It can remove impurities, sediment, rust and organic matter by filtration.  The filter material is made of silica, which is sintered at high temperature  Precision of ceramic filter element: 0.2 micron The length of the filter element: total length of 26.5 cm, diameter: 5 cm, the maximum working temperature: 52 ℃ (125 ℉)  Service life: 8 months to 14 months (cleaning and polishing outer layer can be reused, depending on the water quality)

6 advantages of the best countertop filter

1. Use it safely without secondary pollution 2. Simple installation saves time, effort and money  3. It can retain beneficial minerals and trace elements and is beneficial to health  4. Easy to install and easy to use 5. Flexible and portable, not occupying space  6. High water yield and easy cleaning
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