Clean up Free Radical---Restore the Activated Hydrogen From Water

Maybe you know the phenomenon of "oxidation". Generally speaking, that means " material burning". The maintenance of people lives is also through burning food in bodies. That is also oxidation. In other words, the process of death means the process of our bodies' continuous oxidation.

What will happen if bodies are oxidated? The result of oxidation is accumulating so much "body rust", that is what we called senility. Waist and legs feel aching and limp or viscera function decreased, all of these are the secondary product of oxidation, we can also say body rust.

Kitchen knife rusting is also a result of oxidation. However, if you pour some electrolytic reductive water on the rusted knife, the rust can be erased. You must know the theory. Because rusting comes from the oxidation of iron, so only use activated hydrogen to eliminate the oxygen from knife, it will be recovered naturally.

Invasion of free radical--harm and death of cell--giving activated hydrogen--turning activated hydrogen and free radical into water--safe and healthy water. The invasion of free radical does harm to the around cell and gene, then it lead s to senility and aging. But once you give activated hydrogen, it will combine with free radical and then become safe and healthy water, at last it will be excreted to the outside of body.

In fact, the same situation can  also happen in our bodies. That is to say, our cells and organs are in the state of oxidation because of senility and illness. If we can eliminate the oxidated cell, what will happen? The theory is the same as kitchen knife can be recovered naturally, so that these damaged cells can be recovered originally.

However, there are also some differences between lives and kitchen knife, it is impossible for us to recover them completely. If we can ,that mean human beings can live forever. In other words, what we do is just make the oxidated cells and organs recover to their realistic healthy state.

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