Can a Hydrogen Rich Cup Make Water Alkaline?

Hydrogen as an endogenous gas is a safe gas. The human body produces a certain amount of hydrogen water every day, so drinking it can be consumed in large quantities as long as it is in line with national production standards. But a large amount of hydrogen rich water requires two conditions:

The first one is to see whether the hydrogen is made up of water that is not saturated with hydrogen or saturated with the finished product. There is a difference. The hydrogen content of the homemade hydrogen is not saturated, nor is it called "hydrogen rich water". Long-term drinking does not affect people. In addition, this homemade hydrogen-water is made from low hydrogen content and is made from tap water and mineral water. In addition, this homemade hydrogen water, because of the low hydrogen content, and is made from tap water, mineral water and so on, the stability of quality, hydrogen cannot be guaranteed. Hydrogen molecules, in particular, have a strong ability to penetrate, and a plastic bottle or glass bottle is not good for storing hydrogen.

Second, you should also pay attention to the hydrogen content of purchased hydrogen. The more hydrogen is not the better, as a daily drinking, health care, disease prevention, 0.8 PPM of hydrogen content can be consumed for a long time.

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