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Benefits of Alkaline Antioxidant Water

1. Balance blood pressure

Alkaline water contains ionized calcium, which is good for the heart and helps control high blood pressure levels. In addition, drinking more herbal tea can also get similar results.

2. Treatment of constipation

Alkaline water can not only help prevent constipation, but also prevent diabetes and diarrhea. Drink a glass of warm, alkaline water every night before you go to bed, and soon you'll feel the difference.

3.Promote blood circulation

Drinking alkaline water also improves blood circulation and reduces plaque buildup in the arteries.

4.Cholesterol control

If you're worried about rising cholesterol levels, you'll need some basic ionic water. It will help you lower your cholesterol, allow your cholesterol to absorb fiber, and keep flowing through your body.

5. Weight loss

Drinking lots of alkaline water in summer is a simple, clever and healthy way to lose weight. To maximize your weight loss, make sure you drink 500ml of alkaline water every day.  There are so many benefits of alkaline water, but remember that the way you consume it has to be scientific. The best thing to do is buy some lemons, cut them into pieces and soak them in water. Although some water with high mineral content is alkaline, but long-term drinking is easy to cause stones, which is not conducive to health.
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