AOK Weak Alkali Water Purifying Machine Without Electricity

Water purification machine technology, also known as direct drinking water, it filters and purifies the existing "harmful water" in running water effectively. Water purifier has been existed for a long time, with the aid of technology and filter core design system, it generates a water environment. What we want to talk about today is one of the water purifiers,  whose difference is that it changes from the original installation of tedious water purifier into water purifier without electricity. Firstly, let's share the experience of non-electricity. 

As we all know, most of our daily water purification equipment use core. Water experts of Aoke Spring use the United States technology to create this AOK weak alkaline water purification machine, which is not only can be used without electricity, the secret is its simple and easy operation. 

This AOK weakly alkaline water purifying machine has two significances. One is the simple installation, there is no need for a master. The second is reducing the shackles of wire, so there is no need for electricity to install, it just fits in every environment. What you have to do is to put the aqueduct into the water purifier, the other one to the faucet. 

No electricity plays an important role. The running water is directly filtered and using the elbow to discharge water, which reduces the water splashing.  The volume of the small white elephant is only 130mm wide x 310mm high, the gravity is 2.5KG, the water pressure is 0.1-0.4Mpa, the water flow rate is 1.0L/mi. It not only has a good water process, a fashionable and exquisite water purifying machine, and will not occupy too much space when put in the kitchen.

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