AOK Alkalescent Water Purifier, Raising Money in JD Moneyfunding Now

With people's continuous pursuit of life quality, the necessities of life are constantly developing towards a more healthy trend. Water is the source of life, and what kind of water to drink has become one of the considerations of many people. All kinds of water purifiers are raising money in JD Money funding platform recently, and the quality of the filtered water of the water purifier has become one of the factors that influence people's choices.

Water purifiers from all over the world dazzle a lot of consumers. And the latest get-online AOK alkalescent water purifier on the JD Money funding platform is from the United States. Its beautiful exquisite design, user-friendly design concepts, easy installation and operation, and unique eight-layer water purification system attract customers' attention. According to the introduction of AOK's Sino-US joint research and development team, they favorably call this product "Little White Elephant".

According to the introduction of the research team, KARIN MA had visited international well-known universities such as Standford, California Institute of Technology, MIT, etc. and interviewed water quality researchers with decades of experience. Then he decided to join and lead the R&D team of AOK, the best alkalescent water purification brand in the United States and spent two years researching, developing, designing and producing this product. For a water purifier, filter core is its core part. The AOK's core R & D team has searched a lot of places for industry-grade filter materials, such as the Calgon imported natural coconut shell activated carbon that has adsorption capacity 3 times as strong as ordinary carbon. With the AOK multi-layer filter, core design combined with AOK patented formula, the filter material is arranged in sequence, and is distributed to each filter layer in proportion to form an ultra-strong water purification system that can purify 100 times the polluted water. The water purifier can remove heavy metals, toxic volatile organic compounds, and fluoride that is harmful to the human's bones so that the purified water is alkalescent negative ion water. The layers of the filter core cooperate with each other, and are perfectly combined, each of them is indispensable.

Many domestic users may not have heard of AOK, but in fact, AOK has already occupied a pretty large market share abroad, products are welcomed by the users in Europe and the United States and other countries, and this time it comes to JD Money funding to provide more Chinese families with access to alkalescent water.

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