Alkaline Water 丨 Drink Water, Discharge Acid, Let The Body Get Rid Of Sub-Health! (2)

The weak alkaline water has the function of calcium supplement. The calcium tablets used as medicine have a stable state, while the calcium ion in the alkaline functional water is not stable so that it is easy to be absorbed and quickly supplement the calcium deficient in the human body to prevent various diseases caused by calcium deficiency.

Can alkaline water eliminate free radicals in the human body? Yes, it can. A medical proof is that people's diseases are related to the increase of active oxygen ( free radical ) in blood. And with a low reduction point and high PH value, alkaline function water has a strong reducing action, so as to eliminate excess free radicals in the body and restore the body to a normal state.

Weak alkaline water contains essential minerals for the human body. If we remove the essential trace elements in drinking water, it can lead to a lack of trace elements and then cause a series of diseases. A large number of literature shows that the incidence rate of many chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases (heart disease, hypertension, stroke), is associated with water softening degree (the lack of minerals element).Drinking Water Quality Standardsthat WHO commissions the People's Republic of China Ministry of Health to publish, points it out that the typical intake amount of essential mineral elements like calcium and magnesium from water is 5% ~ 20%. If intake of food is reduced, water intake ratio can be up to 50%, and some trace elements like fluorine can be only gotten from the water. Up to now, it has been confirmed that there are nearly 10 kinds of trace elements in water, such as magnesium and sodium, which are necessary for human body. As far as the present dietary structure of our country is concerned, it is not easy to get many trace elements from food but mainly from the water. According to authorities who study trace element metabolism, it is better and easier to absorb minerals from drinking water than from food.
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