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A New Assistant for Natural Beauty -- Acidic Electrolytic Water

Healthy skin is faintly acid, with a thin layer of lipid coating on the surface. This substance is a naturally weak and acidic natural emulsion made of fatty glands secreted by sebaceous glands and sweat glands secreted by sweat glands. Its function is to prevent external skin irritation and water evaporation, to protect the skin surface moist, it also has the function of neutralizing alkaline substances. If this state is destroyed, the moisture on the surface of the skin will be lost. This leads to a decrease in skin defenses, a decrease in elasticity, and a roughness. Especially when people use soap to wash off the lipids of their skin. So in order to keep skin healthy, and neutralize the alkalinity that remains on the skin, people are using a slightly acidic wash water (toning water and shrinking water) with the skin's pH value.

Acidic water is weakly acidic and small in molecule, with extremely strong permeability, solubility and physical activity. It contains a large amount of elemental oxygen, with strong sterilization, disinfection and strong oxidation and convergence. It has a unique effect on the sterilization, hairdressing, wrinkling, whitening, moisturizing and removing the foreign body of the skin.

From the whole body's point of view, whether human skin is good or bad, 10% comes from skin care, while the other 90% must rely on the cleanliness of the body, otherwise it will be ineffective. Spots, pigmentation, wrinkles and other skin aging appearances are caused by oxidation in the body, due to the increase in the number of wastes and free radicals in the body. So we use the same acidic water make-up as make-up water, and the regular drinking of the basic water, removing pollution from the body is the most economical and convenient way to protect skin and beauty.

How to use the acid water of the home to undertake hairdressing?Traditional Chinese medicine thinks: beauty at night. Modern medical research has shown that the renewal of human skin and the active period of basal cell division are between 10 a.m. and 3 a.m. During this period, the pores are open and the skin absorption function is in the best condition.

Apply acidic water with a whitening effect to the face after 10 p.m. It can quickly penetrate into the skin, be absorbed by the skin, nourish the skin, stimulate the vitality of the basal cells, improve the subcutaneous microcirculation, and accelerate the synthesis of collagen fibers and elastic fibers. In this way, the skin elasticity can be enhanced to optimize the physical and chemical environment around the cell, inhibit the synthesis of pigment in the dermis, make the skin soft and smooth, and achieve the effect of smoothing, eliminating and delaying the aging of the skin.

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