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2017 New Water Filter Products from AOK

Great Christmas Days and New Year is coming! Thinking of you and wishing you all the joys of this beautiful season! MAYU thank you very much for all your kind support in the years and look forward to your continuous support in the future.

In 2017, we have designed several new models of alkaline water pitcher, shower filter and water filter straw and here we would like to share with you:

AOK Alkaline Water Pitcher 2.6 Litres:

AOK Alkaline Water Pitcher 2.6 Litres alkaline water pitchershower filterwater filter strawAOK Alkaline Water Pitcher

AOK-109 3.5litres slim design alkaline water pitcher/jug:

AOK-109 3.5litres slim design alkaline water pitcher/jug3.5litres slim design alkaline water pitcher/jugdesign alkaline water pitcher/jugalkaline water pitcher/jugwater pitcher/jug

AOK-902A Shower Filter/Spa Shower(Chrome Color):

AOK-902A Shower Filter/Spa Shower(Chrome Color)

AOK-905A Outdoor Water Filter Straw:

AOK-905A Outdoor Water Filter StrawOutdoor Water Filter StrawWater Filter Straw

2016 Top Sales Models of AOK Alkaline Water Filters:

1) AOK-108A Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher/Jug:

2016 Top Sales Models of AOK Alkaline Water Filters AOK Alkaline Water FiltersAlkaline Water FiltersAOK-108A Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher/JugAlkaline Water Filter Pitcher/Jug

2) AOK-909 Alkaline Water Ionizer:

AOK-909 Alkaline Water IonizerAlkaline Water Ionizer

Interested in new items or top sales items in 2016? We are looking forward to your any reply and feedback refer to our AOK Alkaline Water Filter Products! Thanks and wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!

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