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    Top 3 manufacturer of alkaline water filter products globally.
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    Manufacturer for Walmart, Tesco, Pitcher of Life and other health stores in US and Canada, over 87 countries distributors from Europe, America, Oceania, South America, Africa, Asia and middle east cou...
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    Fast delivery and 100% on time shipment.
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    Quick after sales service feedback and solutions.
  • OEM/ODM Service
    19 years OEM/ODM services. With several years of practice in opening new models for water filters, we kindly welcome you sharing good idea on new product then we make it come true. We are looking for ...
MAYU Technology Group Co., Ltd was founded in 1996, which focus on production of Alkaline water filters products. We have professional technological R&D team in CA and USA. They obtain PHD and are experts in different fields like software, electronic, machinery, computer and health.  We are Global Top 3 powerful manufacturer of Alkaline Water Filters Products. We offer professional service to our global partners including research, development, production, sales, after service and so on. And we also provide OEM, ODM service.
  • 2017/03/06 1
    "An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents. What does happen is that its opponents gradually die out and that the growing generatio...
  • 2017/01/09 1
    A new year has already started.What are your new year's resolutions?Healthy life must be the priority. Healthy water, healthy life. Happy to share you some tips for healthy water drinking. 8:00 amIN ...
  • 2016/10/13 1
    7 Ways Alkaline Water helps you Stay Healthy 1. Weight LossDrink alkaline water2. DetoxificationFilter out toxic metals3. pH BalanceFight metabolic syndrome4. Bone HealthHelp tackle bone loss5. Hydrat...
  • When do filters have to be replaced?

    The filter should be replaced after using 6 months, you can according to your local water quality and use times for decide to replace it or not. Usually, people should drinking 8 bottles water per da...

  • Can patients with kidney weak, heart weak, liver cirrhosis drink alkaline water?

    Patients with kidney weak, heart weak, liver cirrhosis, should drink a small amount at the beginning, depending on the physical situation´╝îincreasing consumption gradual until normal . Special physical wea...

  • Is there anyone who should not drink Ionized Water?

    No. However, some people must start by drinking very small amounts of Ionized Water, such as 8 oz. of low pH level ionized water per day. This is especially true of the elderly who often have unfortun...

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  • AOK Alkaline Water Pitcher Distributor Oliver from Sweden
    My name is Oliver,AOK Water distributor from Sweden.This year is the sixth year I worked with MAYU AOK water.In China,we have contacted many suppliers .But MAYU is the only one that I have worked for ...
  • AOK Water Filter Bottle Distributor Wayne from Australia
    We are the retailer of AOK water filter products since 2006 when MAYU established the company at the beginning. As a trade show retailer,we always have some urgent orders need to delivery by express, ...
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